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Its always the case (well...most of the time) when a south producer involves in announcing the "official BO figures". Actually, we in south are used for inflated figs, i don't blame Bollywood or actors coz they might not have experienced it before and believed whatever the producer said.

Ha ha hai ha ha . One of the best post . Keep it up




Aamir is playing this game since long lol

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In 15 days lol .. it never crossed 200 crs in its lifetime and they celebrated it in 15 days LOL

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Read the article-mehra said it will cross 250 crore easily.it was 2nd. Highest Grosser in overseas after KANK...........but,in Reality it was below KANK,OSO,RNBDJ,SIK http://m.timesofindia.com/city/mumbai/Ghajini-first-Hindi-movie-to-cross-Rs-200cr-mark/articleshow/3953822.cms
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When did ghajini gross 200 cr?? N dat too in jst 15 days.
So it's d great perfaketionist who started d trend of manipulating box office numbers n fooling his already fool fans. Another feather in his filthy hat......

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And then dis dogla says " I don't believe in box office numbers ".
Hahaha...that's why i always say 'Shame on Aamir'.

ha ha ha... Amir Khan the King of Manipulation and BOI.. the follower of hi M.KING


'fooling his already fool fans'.....

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LOL what. Ghajni never did 200 Cr........................

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Lol...and it will cross 250cr easily after crossing 200cr-Amod Mehra...
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Hahaha ye to hadd ho gai...Aamir saab manipulation zinda bad

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Hahaha....thnx to Suhas bro.....first video is what i heard only n BGM in that video sounds like its for slapstick comedy film with people jumping in happiness n saying dialogues for no reason.....n Aamir is doing that thing very well.....such a liar he is......always brought shame to Bollywood.....hahahha

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Continuing even now


Tb, world war karwane ka iraada hai kya ?


It's time for Forum Wars lol



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Means inflation of around 95cr? LOL. meanwhile Rakesh Roshan taking private tuitions from Aamir Khan these days. subject - maths and commerce.

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Legend Aamir the trend setter.
First superstar to cross
100 cr
150 cr
200 cr
250 cr in India

First superstar to cross
200 cr
250 cr
300 cr
350 cr
450 cr
500 cr
550 cr Worldwide

First superstar to cross
100 cr
150 cr in overseas

HATS OFF to the KING of Box office Aamir Khan

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First 100 Crore-Asin.
First 150,200 Crore-Hirani.
First 250 Crore-Dhoom Brand.
First 100 Crore Worldwide-SRK & Salman.
First 150 Crore Worldwide-SRK & Hrithik.
First 200 Crore & 300 Crore Worldwide-Hirani.
First 400 Crore Worldwide-SRK.
First 500 Crore Worldwide-Dhoom Brand.
First 25 Crore,50 Crore & 100 Crore in Overseas-SRK.
Where is Aamir?
Jal gayii...... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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as i said floppymir is most insecure guy in bollywood and his fans r even worst...

khud ke ghar jab kaach ke hote hai to dusro ke gharo pe phattar nahi feka karte

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