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Sanjay Dutt had 5 Hits, Anil Kapoor had 4 Hits and 2 Semi Hits, Govinda had 3 Hits and Sunny Deol had 3 Hits.

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Whatever anyone says you are the best analyst here. Your analysis are unhque. Only problem is replication. Pjz try to dont repeat questions.

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I think the success % you've calculated is wrong. I mean I haven't calculated 2014's releases. But till 2013,


From where did you get 27% & 32%? I mean in one year there's no way for them to get that high success percentage.

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Sunny Deol 5 successes. Gadar (ATBB), Farz (Avg), Apne (Avg), Indian (Hit) & Yamla Pagla Deewana (Hit).

5 successes out of 28 releases won't be 32%. It'll be around 18%.

Similarly Sanjay Dutt has 12 successes out of 54 releases. Comes around 22%.

Anil Kapoor has 6 successes out of 27 releases which would be around 22%.

Govinda has 4 successes out of 32 releases which would be around 12.5%.
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Hahahahaha abe calculation seek pehle.

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