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Aamir has only 2-3 good movies in 90's,i can watch many times......Since 2000,he has only 2.....he is doing crap after crap now-a-days.....he is a below average actor.

by Producer (101k points)
selected by
And i didnt even include RH which is better than crap ddlj,k3g etc
Hahahahahaha...rangeela,ishq,hhrpk,aaa,ghulam are good movies?rofl....and mann was entertainer or torture?talaash,dhobi ghat are really good movies?roflmao....btw,DDLJ ko to tu bhul ja that is better than all movies of amir.even K3G is better and more loved than 99% amir's movies.RH is worst BB/ATBB ever(karishma aur achha music ke liye BB ho gaya).....
Ab tu slumboy hai isliye tera taste aisa hai,its not ur fault
Slumboy tu hai....tera 1st. Comment se hi prove ho gaya...tu slumboy hai aur tera taste kaisa hai....
+4 votes

Aamir is god of bollywood. All his movies expect a few are good

by Second Unit Director (76.5k points) 2 flags
+1 vote

Not only Aamir, But also SRK and Salman Khan also in this race. 3 KHANS are concentrating on collections rather than doing the good films.

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
+1 vote

Year by year he is getting worst by doing crappy shits like ghajini,talassh,dhoom3(except 3idiots-due to #HECP).....I think his kitty will b filled by gutter chaap films in next 3-4 yrs without Hirani.......
Even Riteish now a days acts better than d fake actor...
Riteish in Ek Villain>>>>>>>d3,talash,ghajini
Shame on Aamir!

by Executive Producer (69.7k points)
Hahaha....that is called kehke lena....HECP means Hirani Epic Cinema Power?epic line
Ghajini>SRK's whole career.Shame on Saruk
@real champ, tujhse hi to sikha h ye sab......... .........navo is ryt now mentally disturbed after goin through the reality of my answer! Haha..........
Hahaha...Aamir overacted in ghajini......even SRK's performance in CE,Salman's performance in Bodyguard>Aamir in Ghajini.shame on amuru.
+1 vote

by Editor (83.3k points)
0 votes

Not at all.yeah his best film was(my opinion) earth but he had done some bad films 90's but after 2000 he hasn't done a single bad movie only average film was mp.and regarding repeat values films like lagaan,tzp,rdb,3i,dch,and ghajni i have seen more than 10 times and many movies more then 20 times.

by Unit Manager (34.2k points)

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