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Better performance of DON - Ajay Devgan(Company & OUATIM) or SRK ( DON & Don2)

Ajay Devgan(Company & OUATIM)
SRK ( DON & Don2)
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8 Answers

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Ajay Devgn was simply charismatic in OUTIM. I think he beat SRK both in Don and Don 2.

by Assistant Director (42.2k points)
selected by anonymous
+3 votes

Ajay cant be defeated by Srk in a dons role

+2 votes

SRK's acting as Don shouldn't even be compared to realistic gangster's performance like Ajay in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai & Company. Difference is that SRK as Don was all about his style, charisma and charm which is what worked. However, Ajay's performance in Once Upon Time in Mumbai & Company was more arty and displayed very well on screen. That's the reason why Ajay look more believable and convincing as a gangster because it was realistic.

I'm not trying to criticise SRK's performance as Don because he was good but what I'm just explaining the differences in terms of acting and role portrayed by both actors.

Ajay's performance was better in both films. I strongly doubt if SRK could ever do both roles the way Ajay had done it.

by Casting Director (18.1k points)
+2 votes

I found SRK pathetic in Don. But he was terrific and mind blowing in don 2. Hence I’ll choose Ajay. His performances were much more layered than SRK. Those eyes of his speak volumes.

by Director (140k points)
+1 vote

I think any sinlgle perfrmance of Ajay will be better then Both the performance of SRK.

+1 vote

Ajay is easily the best actor of current generation....

+1 vote

When it comes to style and charisma it's SRK but when it comes to naturally portraying the role beautifully​ it's Ajay..Ajay really looked like Gangster Don in both movie..SRK also did great but it was more of style and charisma

by Producer (103k points)
0 votes

SRK is no match of ajay in don's role.


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