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And some brainless 2RS idiots say hny is a failure/underperformer, but they r forgetting hny myt just beat Salmans biggest BB in world wide gross collctn.....or it will b near to it for sure.....that's d difference which SRK brings, Even his die hard haters believe,hv faith in his capability........!!!

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Worldwide BB did well though if breakup was like this it would have been considered way better India gross-225 crs overseas-45 crs as I think a film success should be measured 70% by India collections afterall its an indian film so India collection should be considered the biggest criteria but still Be happy in whatever you get that is my motto.

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bhai i think differently. in hollywood oversea contribute more than domestic. so i think we must consider worldwide.
Its everyone s own opinion I personally always want HR movies to do well in india even if they dont do well in overseas.
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If HNY gets close to 350 cr it would be great.Hope it continues to collect well next week too.

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