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Predict in this order -:

1.) First Day

2.) First Weekend

3.) First Week
No need to post different predictions based on different aspects like negative/mixed/positive WOM.

Winner(s) of each prediction will awarded 500 points. A User can win more than 500 points.
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19 Answers

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Best answer

1st day 7cr... 1st weekend 21cr... 1st week 37cr...

answered by Casting Director (18.2k points)
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+2 votes

First Day 11cr
Weekend 32cr
Week 56cr

answered by Director (135k points)
+1 vote

DAY 1 - 18.5 CRS
DAY 2 - 18.5 CRS
DAY 3 - 37.5 CRS
DAY 4 - 18 CRS
DAY 5 - 18 CRS
DAY 6 - 18 CRS
DAY 7 - 18 CRS
WEEK - 146.5 CRS

answered by Mega Star (204k points)
Arre bhai tune toh question ko joke samaj lia
This is what happens when u watch hny 8 times
I watched interstellar 3 times, might go for a fourth time. So what it suggests. now have i became a genius by watching interstellar 3 times
BTW it's not 8 time it's 7 times full and 1 time only 1st half
@naya yug Why So Serious bro..?? when you can do a thing in fun and easy way then no point making it more complicated
+1 vote

In order 10.75 cr,36.5 cr,52 cr.

answered by Star (142k points)
+1 vote

First Day :- 8cr
First Weekend :- 30cr
First Week :-45cr

Lifetime :- 70cr

answered by Assistant Director (42.1k points)
+1 vote

First Day :- 9cr
First Weekend :- 28cr
First Week :-40cr

answered by Production Accountant (21.6k points)
+1 vote

day1 14.5cr
weekend 40cr
week1 64cr

answered by Super-star (167k points)
+1 vote

1st day - 8cr
wknd - 28cr
week - 41cr

answered by Assistant Director (41.6k points)
+1 vote

First day 7.5cr,Wknd-25cr,Week-37cr

answered by All Time best! (267k points)
+1 vote

First Day=8.7cr
First Weekend=27cr
First Week=38cr

answered by
+1 vote

1st day 8cr.
Weekend 27.5cr.
Week 39.5cr

answered by Assistant Director (41.9k points)
+1 vote

First Day 10 crores.
Weekend. 32 crores
Week. 50 crores

answered by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)
+1 vote


answered by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
+1 vote

1st Day 8.25 Cr
weekend 25 Cr
week 40 Cr

answered by Director (128k points)
+1 vote


answered by Director (132k points)
+1 vote

1st day-9.5 cr,1st weekend-30 cr,1st week-45 cr.

answered by Unit Manager (34.2k points)
+1 vote

1st Day - 10.50 cr
1st weeknd - 37.50 cr
1st week - 58.50 cr..

answered by Editor (80.9k points)
+1 vote

First day- 9.5cr
Weekend- 28 cr
Week- 40 cr

answered by Producer (111k points)
+1 vote

First Day - 8.5cr
First Weekend - 28cr
First week - 40cr

answered by Production Accountant (29.5k points)

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