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Kat is Lady Khan at the Box Office.Only Audiences Love Matters at Box Office not Acting Talent.Thats proved by Katrina's Humongous Record.

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Katrina kaif - Salman khan of bollywood (one of the biggest star but doesnt knows acting)
Deepika - Shahrukh khan of bollywood (one of the biggest and also possesses great acting skills)
Kareena (i dont know who can be here) - Aamir khan of bollywood (not a big star but films becomes success bcoz of great directors, good script and has great acting skills)

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She is not so good actress but definitely smartest Actress..
She knows how to pic scripts; which production house which director which Script...Most of the time she went right and her commercial success record proves that...

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Her contribution in film is even less than villain girl friend....................

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That record doesn't mean much. The films are hit because of the star power of the actor, not the actress.

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