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1.Maati (Hema Malini) affectionately addresses Veer as Veeru. Hema Malini had acted in Sholay (1975) alongside her husband Dharmendra, who played a character named Veeru.

2.The prison scenes were all shot in one day. Shahrukh Khan had to wear a wig to portray the aged Veer in those scenes.

3.Yash Chopra cast Preity Zinta because she was known to portray tomboys and Westernized girls, and he wanted someone who could easily transform into a character who was the complete opposite.

4.Yash Chopra had approached every music director to score the film, but couldn't find what he thought was the appropriate music for the film. His specific requirement was "old-world music," away from Western influences and having a strong melody line, with acoustic instruments. Madan Mohan's son, Sanjeev Kohli (also the CEO of Yash Raj Films), suggested some of his father's compositions. Out of the hundreds of tunes in Mohan's archives, 35 were tested to see if they would fit the mood of the film and eleven were selected by Aditya Chopra.

5.Karan Johar designed all of Shahrukh Khan's costumes.

6.Yash chopra had written role with aishwariya rai in mind who rejected the offer and rani mukherjee played that role

7.The song "Aisa Des Hai Mera" holds a musical segment taken from "Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawaano Ka," a song from Naya Daur (1957). A then-young Yash Chopra had served on that film as assistant director to his brother, director B.R. Chopra.

8.The film was originally going to be called Yeh Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum, a name taken from the title of a song in the movie Silsila.
The director, Yash Chopra, eventually decided on Veer-Zaara as a title.


1.Kajol faced trouble with the 'Mera Dil Tha Akela' sequence in the song, 'Baazigar O Baazigar', because she thought the emotions on the script were blown up. SRK came to her rescue, he pinching her and she "learned" how to do justice to the part as it should be.

2.'Baazigar' was the first film which helped Shah Rukh Khan bag his first Filmfare Award for Best Actor.

3.But the film's directors weren't invited to the awards party, so Shah Rukh Khan met them at their house at 4 am.

4.Akshay Kumar' was initially offered the role of Baazigar, but turned it down due to its negativity. 'Arbaaz Khan' turned it down for the same reason and then went on to do a full fledged negative role in Abbas-Mastan's Daraar (1996). Anil Kapoor and 'Salman Khan' rejected it for the same reason.

5.Anu Malik, the film's music composer, makes an appearance in one of the songs in 'Baazigar'

6.Shilpa Shetty made her debut into Bollywood with Baazigar! She plays Seema Chopra, the girl having a clandestine affair with Ajay Sharma. Interestingly,Sridevi was to have a double role as Seema and Priya. The directors felt that the audience wouldn't feel for Shahrukh's character if "he killed Sridevi." Therefore, Kajol and Shilpa Shetty were roped in

7.Nadeem Shravan were offered to do the score for this movie, but they declined, as they thought a thriller had no scope for good music. Anu Malik came on board and created musical history.

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Veer-Zaara- the name which has an era in itself .........One of the best Bollywood films.....Amitabh Bachchan called it ''the most noble film he has seen'' ........one of my favorite stories....direction, music, screenplay.....everything is top-notch.....and all performances and characters r adorable, from SRK to Preity, from Amitabh to Manoj, from Rani to Anupam Kher......dil khush hota h yeh film dekh kr

Baazigar- A film which shocked almost everyone.........Its not like a film in my favorites but still i like it a lot.......the way SRK acted in this film n how maturely he acted in just 2nd year of his career.....i don't remember any star giving as fantastic performance as Baazigar in first two years of their career.....this film is one of the few films which established SRK as both star and as an actor........and if i may say that as a DANCER too......Yeh Kali Kali Ankhein

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Swades 2005 mein Release hota,to Hit ho jaata aur SRK ka ek aur best actor award pakka ho jaata VZ ke liye......but,bad luck...
agree abt Hit....but 2005 mein Amitabh k Black film thi.....so best actor award.....who knows
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Both Baazigar and Veer Zaara are among my Fav. Movies........Specially Baazigar which is my most favourite........SRK's performance were great in both...but,unfortunately His own performances In Darr and Swades were slightly better in their respectively years........btw,thanks for sharing....

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Welcome bro!
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Baazigar is srk's best performance in a negative role. It's a 5/5 performance and I personally rate it higher than darr and anjaam. Veer zaara is one of the finest movies of Yash chopra and romance is the genre where I can't even rate srk. He goes beyond that.

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Last few words simply won my heart........+1...
Thanks!and srk is the undisputed king of romance. There, he only competes with himself.
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Normally I don't like Baazigar type film but Baazigar is one of my favourite film. May be for extraordinary performance of Srk.

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.............two WTF times in history

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no of movies of salman = no of WTF times in history

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