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in Opinion by Director (130k points)
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10 Answers

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Best answer should be on top!>Kites>Humshakals=Himmatwala=TMK=Besharam

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Good to worst:-
Seriously one of the Tuffest Question of this Forum Till date
It's like Aage khai hai peeche kuan; Kaise marna Pasand Karoge

by Producer (110k points)
+3 votes

From Worst to Good:-

Tees Maar Khan

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
+2 votes

Tees Maar Khan

by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
+2 votes

Worst to good..
Humshakals >> Besharam >> Kites >> Ra One >> TMK >> Himmatwala

by Star (151k points)
+1 vote

You can't compare here, all these come had worst WOM buy was a different case entirely, it wasn't just else WOM but a negativity that travelled through all over and wasn't just limited to movie, negativity spread from film to yv to ne to general audience, the disappointment level was so high that it liked like this could be a huge sent on srk's stardom but srk overcome it but still it haunted him for many time, the negativity, the disappointment was of such level that you just can't imagine, srk literally burnt his hands with and it took time to hell but in that time one more film of srk, DON 2 got burnt in that, it created a gap which will fill with time but what i personally in my colony, home, school witnessed was nothing short of disappointment and anger and with negativity traveling dimensions to dimensions is in top of this list because ra.on was disappointment of never before seen level which created negativity of never before seen level and that's why choosing RA.ONE over ROBOT was, is and will remain the biggest mistake of SRK'S career

thank fully now it's effect are down and now we srkians are liking to a bright future with folks like FAN, RAEES so we are happy that our star got our of that negativity and now he and his fans are looking towards future, trying to forget about that tragedy which happened hoping for a better future for out favorite star

by Mega Star (214k points)
d2=Don 2? and people were criticizing Don 2 even before seeing it??
yep because of they just made an sojourn that don 2 will be a crap and it's similarities in production values i mean that Hollywood style film so i listened many times, that sirf style hollywood hai baki bakwas film HOGI..!! and these were not haters.. they were general people in my school, my classmates
unbelievable how people were so critical about Don 2 even before the film released! Anyways I never understood why Ra One was so hated. Not a bad film in my opinion!
it was not because of don 2 no.! no.! it was all due to hated generated by RA.ONE which affected Don 2 and d2 had to pay price for's hate released without on same release date, d2 would have done much better
i think ra.on was a bad film with great vfx and good music album but except that film was very bad
and i previously mentioned the expectations from were biggest of all time, people expected it to be best sci fi ever made in India and even srk over promote the film so with these expectations even a good film would have faced negativity but was not even average, was bad and then the NEGATIVITY TURNED INTO HATRED
+1 vote

Majority of srk fans will say raone
Just to prove that even with bad wom it did 115cr
But it's completely wrong
Kites had the worst possible wom ever for a big film
Every 1 coming out of theatre were saying utter flop
It was not the case with ra one as few liked it too

So according to me kites>>himmatwaala>>besharam>>raone>>tmk=humshakals

by Location Manager (6.4k points)
0 votes

Kites kaha se aagayi list mein?

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
Bhaisaab kites had really bad wom it was so bad that film did 10 crs on friday (a normal day) but sunday was less than friday.
0 votes>Himmatwala>Tees Maar Khan >Kites>Besharam>Humshakals

by Director (133k points)
I think kites had badder wom than tmk,himmatwala it didnt even do more than friday on sunday with friday being a normal day that shows tge extent of bad wom.
0 votes

From worst to less worst-
Humshakals>Himmatwala>Ra.One>Tees Maar Khan>Kites>Besharam......

by Director (129k points)
I think he is wom and humshakals didn't had that bad wom i think.

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