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Shad ali....
Shad directed 3 movies out of which I liked 2:-Sathiya and Bunty aur babli although he went horribly wrong with jbj..
In comparison sid directed 5 movies and out of all only saaam namaste was good and rest were average...
Sid is more focused on Youth and Style whereas shad is content oriented...
Overall Shaad is Anyday better than Sid ..

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shaad ali was an assistant of Mani Ratnam. Saathiya is a remake of Mani Ratnam classic Alaipayuthey. And its also the first film Mani Ratnam chose not to dub it and sold the remake rights. Anyway, shaad Ali with exception of jbj and probably kill dill (i didnt like the song promos) is a better director.
He also assisted in Dil se guru Ravan also na??
Regarding kill dil even I am having same feeling...
Cannot comment on movie but almost all songs are very bad...
Didn't expect such from SEL.....
Yes he was AD for dilse, guru, raavan.
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I am a huge fan of Bunty aur Babli....So going with Shaad

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Sid Anand is better then Shaad as Sid's film are more youth oriented.

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Shaad Ali Hands down......!

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