+8 votes

Its Forrest Gump for me

The curious case of Benjamin button (0 votes)
Cast Away (0 votes)
Bicentennial Man (0 votes)
Perfume (1 vote, 17%)
Catch me if you can (1 vote, 17%)
Forrest Gump (4 votes, 67%)
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perfume! and forest gump!
could have made it very easy for everyone i think by adding just one name,Shawshank redemption....
With shawsank - the poll would have been - onsided!
absolutely,that's why included those names which i think could have made it tough....Bicentennial man among these isnt that popular but i loved that movie

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Forrest Gump...It had everything, great story, great script, superb direction and the brilliant performance of Tom Hanks.Though Perfume and The curious case of Benjamin Button are in my all time favourite list but I'll choose Forrest Gump from this.
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i voted for forrest gump,but neither you not criminal voted since it has only 1 vote till now
Oh I forgot...am giving it now.
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Forest Gump....Any Day........................!!
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check your pm...................
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From the above movies i have only seen catch me if you can and forest jump.so i voted for forest jump it was an epic movie

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