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+8 votes
Govinda imo.....
in Opinion by Assistant Director (48.6k points)
95% Accept Rate
Rajpal yadav is a better looking Don than srk..n
Vijay raaz n fayyaz takkar has better abs than srk lol..
tu fan to salman ka hai lekin tuje SRK ke alava kuch dikhta hi nai

2 Answers

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Govinda - Entertainer.
Salman - Torture.

by Unit Manager (37.6k points) 1 flag
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+5 votes

When Govinda was in top form, he was the better entertainer than any of the Khans, Deols, Kumars & Kapoors..

The moment he got lazier & completely typecasted, others got a chance to make it big even in the genres where Govinda was at his best.

Comparing, Govinda & Salman Khan now will not be fair for Govinda. But the moment Govinda's is acting in his favorite genre "comedy", you will know what kinda "master" he is in that roles. Partner is the best example to see how he dominated Salman Khan where Salman was only left with his style & charisma to match Govinda.

Serious dramatic roles is something Govinda hasn't been utilized well post 2000 for the new generation kids to know his worth. But the 90's generation, knowing Govinda's worth as an actor is far more justified, be it his gazillion comedy films to his serious action dramas to even family dramas like Swarg.

Currently, you know Salman is bigger & as he entertains far more bigger crowd, he'll look as a better entertainer. Analyzing based on current times will be unfair to Govinda.

Overall, Salman Khan himself has been inspired by Govinda in his journey towards achieving super stardom. Govinda made a mess of it post 1998, Salman has reached new heights to become one of the biggest megastars in the country (all languages industries combined). But Govinda has always been a better actor.. afterall he entered in an era where he has gained experience from the likes of the real legends of Hindi cinema.

by All Time best! (262k points)
u should be a politician always give diplomatic answers
Not diplomatic..

Salman doesn't caters to everyone, Srk doesn't cater to everyone likewise it's the same with Govinda too..

On what terms will you judge? Govinda does something & every single living person will say he/she was "entertained"? No right?

When you take Salman & Govinda, it's not just 2 persons you're taking but you're comparing 2 different eras. You don't call Srk the "best actor" in the 90's, you call that a decade later. That's the difference. In the 90's, you talk about Srk as a superstar then a decade later you talk about him as an "Actor/Superstar". That's the journey of Srk.

90's Govinda was the easy choice. But once that era has ended, the "population" that found his work "entertaining" has gradually decreased too. Once that "decreasing" happened others made use of that opportunity. So it's meaningless to pick one now.

I am a 90's guy, there's no way I'll be happy if anybody picks Salman over Govinda despite me being a die hard fan of Salman. Likewise, I will not simply pick Govinda unless I've enough reasons to justify myself.
I am 21st century guy.saw 90's movies very late.Maybe a I saw DDLJ,Dil to pagal hai before Bazigar.Saw darr few years back.  
so for me he was a superstar when I followed.  
I haven't seen much of Govinda other than few No 1 kind of films and some of 2000's for me its clearly salman.
Then it's completely wrong to pick Salman Khan.. Because Govinda to majority of the current generation is just a hero who did comedy films which was not the actual fact. So if now anybody compares Salman & Govinda, they take Salman as a wholesome entertainer & Govinda for just comedy (also for dancing, which no current generation guy would connect the way we did.)

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