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Happy New Year set a new all time record in Ahmedabad by collecting 6.58 crore nett in the city. It beat the 6.11 crore nett record of Singham Returns. It also set a record in Surat and other cities of Gujarat though Baroda the third biggest city in Gujarat missed out.


As can be seen by the figures below Dhoom 3 was way ahead in mumbai city has the big multiplexes put up massive numbers. The disappointment for Happy New Year has come in Pune, the collection should have been higher there. The collections in Surat from just 15 theatres are almost similar to the 40 plus theatres in Pune.


CITY Happy New Year Kick Dhoom 3
Mumbai 10,38,00,000 10,71,00,000 14,34,00,000
Thane 5,40,00,000 6,54,00,000 7,22,00,000
Ahmedabad 6,58,00,000 5,86,00,000 5,09,00,000
Pune 3,74,00,000 4,65,00,000 6,59,00,000
TOTAL 26,10,00,000 27,76,00,000 33,24,00,000


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Good to see even with less collections collections are close to kick

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University exams have started in Pune.That maybe the reason for its underperformance here.

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Opening was huge in Mumbai but it fall badly in weekdays..Plexes were performing better then SS in weekdays that was bad sign as Plexes were performing at lower then normal level..but still performing on same level as kick proves Srk stardom here.Still good to see Srk movie performing so well in Gujarat though it was Diwali.but still it was huge.

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