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I am waiting for the DVD release.

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mine too
it has everything
what a youth want to see

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Haider as a movie
Kick or HSKD as a Entertainer

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Hindi-Queen and Highway
Eng:-Gone Girl..

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Ironically both are suppose to release on same date but later shuffling of dates and both got solo Release.....
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Bollywood -- Queen followed by Highway and Holiday
Hollywood -- Edge of Tomorrow

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Bhai Tumne Holiday ko 3.5 Diya tha or BB ko 4.5......Tb Bang Bang should be your fav movie
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My fav. of this year also released on same day :-) i.e. Haider

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My fav is PK followed by Queen!..........

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Have u seen PK....
Will watch back to back 4 shows X 3 days........
I respect you for your dedication towards Aamir.
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Haider till now...............................

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I loved EK Villian and 2 States but enjoyed most while seeing HNY and then Kick

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As a movie - City Lights

As Entertainer - Bang Bang and Kick.

answered by Assistant Director (48.1k points)

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