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Ya Saw yesterday night.Govinda Salman together always Rocks..First time heard TU HI TU in Salman's voice now I ll be downloading it.He has awesome high pitch...
Ranveer many times criticised for his fashion sense but always follows SALMAN's advice "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO MAN"
That prank was good but it would have been fun if handled better.I dont know why Ali Zafar always sings his ghisse pitte Bollywood songs.Why not his Pakistani chartbusters because of which he is superstar in his country.Yes because of singing..
And lastly in the Kill/Dill game way Gautum Shot at Upen was fantastic. Looks like Gautam is a very strong contender this year

by Second Unit Director (74.6k points)
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Have a look at these and know why Ali Zafar is a superstar in Pakistan
Gautam pretam and Karishma will be there in top three because there are providing maximum masala (spice)....
Imo sushant or puneet will get out nxt wk..
Ya Praneet,Sushant and Puneet look weak.I feel Puneet can have a comeback if this group shows some fire
May be..this week Shushant ali puneet and Gautam is going to nominate so ei Sushant and Puneet is going to out this week...
I seriously want p3g in bb house..
Gautam confirmed....Maybe Upen if all three Gautam,Puneet,pritam nominate him.Sushant and Sonali..
I feel Gautam will be nominated every week
who is p3g
Praneet Puneet Pritam Gatam
oh good looks like sequel to K3G...I want Somali too although she is using Upen and Gautam for her publicity but she is very hot especially in tights
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I saw that episode yesterday.....Govinda was looking handsome ....he just needs to loose more weight....I didn't like Salman's dressing sense for yesterday.....But yesterday's episode was entertaining

by Producer (103k points)

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