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1. Salaam Bombay! : 9/10 Beautiful depiction of ugly face. We watch horror, full of violence and gore movies, but that much this movie haunted me, no one did before. I can still feel dying innocence of all those children shown in movies. I can't even imagine of life that those orphan children had to survive. Mira Nair's direction was so powerful and pragmatic that fully connected me with story and character (It happens all the time with Mira though). I wonder how Mira put that much natural emotion in characters. Really soul stirring movie who left a powerful leverage on you.
2. Dhobi Ghat : 9/10 Watched it back in 2011. I liked it in that time too, but now when I repeated it, I understood its real essence and attributes in more intimated ways. Kiran's poetic and artistic portraits of four persons living in Mumbai is just trembling. I loved aloof and full in melancholy character of Arun starring Aamir Khan. Waise, I'm fun loving person, but when I get attached with these kind of character, I get time to understand myself in better way. I've somewhere melancholy personality, just didn't came out in outer world yet, I think. Oh, where am I going? Loved its intimacy. Hoping, Kiran Rao comes with some more projects like this.
3. Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro : 8/10 Mind blowing. What I learnt from this movie is whatever we do in present have always its powerful consequence in future, we just cant away of our present. Very good story and performance, loved its ending.
4. Mardaani : 8/10 Never expected this to be so good and entertaining. Very good effort by Rani & team. It was amusing to see Rani doing such things in men dominating industry. Better than Holiday since both were based on breaking squared planning and reaching the accused. Mardaani has better planning and also good twist. Moreover, loved it new approach that unfold human tracking in India and its hard to solve web. Efforts are applauded.
5. Red Dragon : 7/10 Mystery of serial murders, solving that mystery using unthinkable evidence and catching murderer at last. We've many Hollywood flick based on same idea like Zodaic, No Country For Old Man, Girl In Dragon Tattoo etc. Still, it's always snappy and interesting to watch if story offer some new plot (same method cant be mind) and has good pace. And Red Dragon serves the suspence snappily till the end. Very enjoyable.
6. Stuart Little (1999) : 3/10 Only things I liked about it, is super cool humor of cats. I know cats have very good intelligence. But, now I'm sure about sense of humor too. Hihi
Short Movies:
1. Girl In Mumbai, That : 10/10 ''Short movie is honest form of movie making'', said Anurag Kashyap. And, I believe in his words that's why I've special affection on short movies and I'm very fond of it. This short movie gain more faith of mine and triumph my heart profoundly. Watched it already 5-6 times in a week that hardly happens to me. Totally unique story and impactful narration having unexpected twist in last. Furthermore, it has excellent background music, that we don't see in full feature films usually. Enjoyed every single bit of movie. If you love short movies, you just cant miss it. 
2. Unread : 9/10 Black & white silent, this short movie is great example of young creative people of India who is ready to take Indian entertainment industry on new height. Very well executed story of a uneducated orphan boy lives on street, falls in love with a rich educated girl and once she gave a latter to that boys. What happened next, you have to watch it. It worth your time.
3. Kamera : 9/10 Didn't know relationship between camera and smile better, before this. Story of slum boy who wants to become a comedian, uses tricks to make people smile, but can't be succeed to make happy his own mother. Once he gets a camera and he learns a new trick to make people smile. But, question is this trick works on his mother or not? Watch it.
4. Khamoshiyan : 8/10 Silence tells a lot of things, sometimes more than what a speak can. Raima Sen starring this movie is somewhat shown better relation and loyalty of dogs with human than Entertainment.

in Opinion by Assistant Director (52.1k points)
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Did you watch Red Dragon considering it as a separate film? Because you wouldn't take the name of Zodiac, Millenium series in comparison.

Hannibal series stand their own ground & definitely stands apart from other films. The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon & Hannibal Rising. Despite being the first novel to have the character Hannibal Lecter, it was made as the 3rd film in the franchise, a prequel to Hannibal Rising. So, usually you compare Red Dragon with other films from it's own franchise such as The Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal.

I would suggest you to watch all the 4 films together someday. Infact make it 5, start with Manhunter (1986) if you get the film as it's also based on the same novel, Red Dragon.
3/10 to stuart little?wtf man,it deserves at least 7.
Actually, I told my friend to download How To Train Your Dragon 2. But, he downloaded Red Dragon. I checked its IMDb rating, that was good so watched it out and that time I understood at as a separate movie. Later, I read about it on wiki and knew it has a series. Haven't watched any of movie from that series. Heard Silence Of The Lambs before too, but haven't watched yet. I comparison Red Dragon with those movie 'cause only of murdering concept, nothing else. Now, since I'm aware. I'll surely watch, if I catch these somewhere.
How does it deserve 7 yaar? It was very ordinary. I'd better go with Cats And Dog. I can only extend by 1, if you say.

9 Answers

+2 votes
  1. Gone Girl (2014) - 9/10 (Loved it to the core. It'll settle at 8 later for me, but currently I am so much into it that I will stick with 9 for a while. A Must Watch.)
  2. Ouija (2014) - 3/10 (Unoriginal, might entertain others.)
  3. Hercules (2014) - 4/10 (Felt like I was watching an 80's Indian film. I expected something else from it.)
  4. Let's Be Cops (2014) - 6/10 (Hilarious.)
  5. Into The Storm (2014) - 5/10 (A lenient 5, I would still pick Twister anyday.)

All are First Time Watches.

Movie of the Week - Gone Girl

Just started to watch Boyhood.. If I finish it before 12am then will add it here.

by All Time best! (258k points)
My place doesn't show Gone Girl. Will watch DVD-Rip later.
Waise, aur sab badhiya?
+2 votes
  1. Marigold (1.5/5) I knew film was a very bad hit, and now I think it was a deserving disaster!

  2. Humraaz (3/5) Starring Akshay Khann & Boby Deol, it was a good entertainer!

  3. Rowdy Baadshah (3/5) Original name Baadshah starring Jr. NTR. A decent entertaining movie just like every second south film.

  4. Who Am I (3/5) Not a big fan of Jackie Chan & kung fu films, still film was good enough to make me watch the full movie.

  5. True Lies (3/5) Not a James Cameroon standard's film. Though film was quite fun & Arnold was at his very best.

  6. The Expandables 3 (2.5/5) Booooooring!!

Had a nothing special week, no MOTM!

by Director (135k points)
Not a fan of Jackie. Still, I liked Who Am I..
And True Lies was good action movie. I'd rate it 7/10.
True Lies disappointed me being a cameron"s directorial
+2 votes

CDI :- 4.5/5
Hostel 3 :- 2.5/5
Dawati Ishaq:- 3/5
HNY 3.5/5
Species 4 :- 3/5

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)
Hostel is TV series na? Is it good enough to watch?

no bro its a horror film series, nice series though i loved the first 2 parts awesome, last part is ok, nice series must watch @Ankit 007

+2 votes

not even a single movie Tv shows baby

1.Sherlock - Season 1-2 = 4/5 , Season 3 = 3/5

  1. Game of thrones - Season 1-2 = 4/5
by Production Accountant (23.1k points)
woah !!! bhai tu mere jesa hai .... I have finished all 62 episodes of breaking bad in 9 days .......
@ankit ya, not seeing movies much off late. Anyway, planning to watch quite a few in the coming week. Will post next week. This week i mostly had repeat watch of some old regional movies. So not posting
@tyler i have to complete Breaking Bad. I watched 3 seasons but currently not in that zone to watch tv series. Will complete it soon. I always prefer to watch seasons back to back. I watched House of cards, californication, friends, spartacus, merlin, chuck series in similar way.
+2 votes

Aan (dilip Kumar) - 2.5/5 , makers spent lots of money in creating fancy sets but drama was missing , I was getting pissed of with annoying Nadira , film looked grand , it has few good scenes but on the whole it never comes together ...

by Director (123k points)
Its done ..Zin ne kardiya. Interstellar ka plan hai Tera?
I thought, you're saying that you don't know how to love Dilip Kumar fastly.lol
chal Zin ko mera dher sara pyar bolna.
Aur Bhai 3 November se exam start hone wala hai. So, I think hardly koi company milni wali hai. Aur mere place me lagne wala bhi nhi, I think. Still have some hope. Let's see.
Ohh..mera toh imax ka plan hai , holidays pe jaara wahin ..dekhlunga , Delhi ..manali ...shimla 12 Nov ko lautunga...padhai achi kar ..hosake toh break lele from movies/forum/internet...chal milte hai 10 din baaad ..khudahaafiz
Holiday?? For honeymoon? Oh.. Maza liya ja raha hai Manali ka.. Hihi
Chalo, thik hai.. Maze karo aur bhabhi ko koi romantic film dikhao instead sci-fi...
Mera exam 20 Nov se hai, abhi supplementary walon ka hi start hua hai. Break to nhi lunga iss time, but use kam jarur kar dunga..
Best of luck for you trip.
+2 votes

Virasat Ki Jung-1/5

by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
Paycheck ka pta nhi. Abhi ATM ka kafi panga ho gya hai boss. Month me 5 time se jyada transaction matlab extra money has to pay bank.
That's bad for you, BTW have you watched the film?
Na. Haven't seen. Infect, first time listening name. Now, caught my attention. Will watch someday.
+2 votes

21 jumps street-3.25/5,(really hilarious film),happy new year-3.5/5(watched with no expectetion but it was full on entertainer.except sonu's fight scene which was disgusting i liked every bit of the film with great performance especally srk and i didn't know farah can handle serious scenes so well and yeah deepika never looked so hot and beautiful in her whole career till now.wow very hot),the heat-2.75/5(decent film but expected much more),gravity-4.5/5(superbe film with out of the world vfx and with great performance by whole cast which is just two and best photography ever),horrible bosses-3.5/5(super funny film),identity thief-3.25(again funny film),gone girl-4.75/5(wow i mean wow i think this has become all time my favourite fincher film what a film).movie of the week-gone girl.ankit,suhas and dilip pls give your views and ratings for these films and also these films social network,cleark,jaane bhi do yaaro and 2001-space oddysey.

by Unit Manager (34.2k points)
edited by
There is no choice left except loving SRK entry. Just assuming to see the effort srk made on his body. Kapde Utadne wala scene to yaad nhi aa rha..
Well, that Deepika stands behind wala sequence, I liked first two times. Not third time. I thought ki Charlie sala ab to emotion ko samajh hi gya hoga.. But, he didn't. Disappointed. Arrogant sala..
And yeah that fight since on the roof of building was also very good and much over the top.
There are many mostly small dialogues and big scenes in big scenes off course that whole robbery inckuding ab's cloth scene, final climax and then 7 minute dialogue that CDI speech and that dialogue deepika to boman "STAND UP MISTER" and the way she says it and there was one scene where nandu first see vicky's image snd says ki mera papa kabhi dubai nahi gaya then boman says USKA PAPPA INDIA AAYA HOGA, each scene where srk says something and deepika stand brhind her listning, that jackie-anupam scene in first half and in second half when srk tells about anupam both fight sequences on the terrace and SRK entry and in 3rd fight dialogue between boman and peter and boman second scene with his mother where she says SONE SE PEHKE SUSU KAR LENA SUR CHADDI SISDHI PEHNANA VARNA KHUJLI HO JAAYEGI and then they epic scene INDIAWALE WEKCOM BY TOMATOES IN DUBAI and cameos of ANURAG, VISHAL and introduction scenes were funny and cameo of palak and prabhu deva and every song and opening sky of Dubai was also great and some more scenes which i like and that pappi scene after srk narrates anupam's story where abhi says bhai i pappi to you and boman abhi fights and boman sonu fights and there were many more  scenes
Don't you think tb and ankit deepika in this film looked very very hot and sexy and i think she looked never this hot in her entire career.
She was hot in Race 2 etc. But, she was looking gorgeous as she looked in Om Shanti Om.
+2 votes

Lucky the Racer(Race Gurram - Telugu) - It was decent Entertainer.Though movie had nothing new.I would have badly criticize it if it had some other star but presence of Allu Arjun make it worth watch.

by Director (133k points)
+1 vote

Sonar Kella(the golden fortress)-3.75/5;

by All Time best! (268k points)
Deshdorhi?? Aur koi kaam nhi hai kya teko??
Its not even funny,barring a few unintentionally funny scenes involving krk

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