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Please Provide Your Following Information Above To Know Eachother Very Well

My name is Rahil Khan , Live here In Dubai, I am a Software Engineer By Profession & Proud To be A Srkian & Love My Deepu Deepika  though i love Hrithik too
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One more  thing to add that i am not fall in love with any girl bcoz of akshay.I mean i mostly think about him more nd more.I think i blindly addicted to him.

thats something unbelievable @kowsigan !!! u have not in fallen in love with any girl bcoz of Akshay!!! strange!

moviezfun haha +1

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Name = Haider
Place= Lahore,Pakistan
Proffession= Studying CA
Fav Superstar= SRK

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nice to meet u haider @Haider


Thanku @IamLostSoul nice to meet u too bro.Waise bhi hum srkians bhai bhai hi to hain

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Name: Tabishaikh
Location: Untied Kingdom
Profession: Analytical Chemist
Truly Akkian

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Name-Puneet Shukla
Birth Place- Gorakhpur(UP); Current City-Mumbai
Profession-Maths Honours at St.Xaviers College Mumbai
Fan-Salman Khan(Die Hard Fan);Fan-Aamir Khan;Ranveer Singh;Varun Dhawan

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nice to know about u @puneetshukla

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Job:-Watching Movies
Hobbie:- Reading Fanwar Post
Favourite Star:- Zin; Invisible (Best part Dono Hardly dikhte hai; Very less Movies/Appearance...

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moviezfun  haha+1.........
Moviezfun u rocks man.... D
@shahadat Bass kar pagle; Ab rulayega kya...
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Name - Dipanshu Dhingra
Homeplace - Hisar, Haryana
Current City - Chandigarh
Profession - CSEngineering 1st year
About - Akkian

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nice to know you Bro @dipanshu

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Name : RAhil Shah
Hometown(Current city) : Ahmedabad , Gujarat
Profession : 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering student
Fav Actor: SRK & RK/HR

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Really nice to meet u Rahil @RAhil

I am also glad to meet u...Rahil!
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Name - Fuad Hasan

Homeplace -(Bangladesh)

Current City - Dhaka

Profession - Merchandiser(textile factory)

Favorite Stars-rancho,pk,DJ............

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nice to meet u @fuad hasan
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Kowsigan from salem,tamilnadu.
Studying b.sc.computer science 3rd year.I dont know hindi but i am huge big die hard fan of AKSHAY KUMAR.I am 100% sure that i am the biggest fan of akshay in tamilnadu.One more thing to add that i am not fall in love with any girl bcoz of akshay.I mean i mostly think about him more nd more.I think i blindly addicted to him.

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thats really good
Nice to know about you bro, you are a very good user as well as true fan of akshay sir, despite you dont know hindi how you become fan of him.
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Full Name: Md Raghib Ansari

Permanent Home(ancestral roots): Bihar

Current Home: Delhi(have spent my most of d years outside india, like in singapore,cairo,jeddah,mekkah.....came to india last year)

Profession: Currently in MBBS 2nd year(bihar-dmch)

Fav Stars: SRK nd DP......!!!

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See; if I have to answer what's my personal details; I would have given that in answer section..
There are few people with whom I am close in this forum; they know me...
I follow only one rule:-Not disclosing any personal detail on any forum..
Although I made exeption with Few people...
My point is:-If I disclose my detail; That may change perception of people toward me which I don't want...
They should know/judge my opinion and me on the basis of who I am not what I am...
Wtf!!! Kitne saal ka couse hai wahan!!! 6yrs like Russia!!
Yahan 4.5yr academic plus 1yr internship..
Agreed with ur rule n thinking totally...
Yahan 5 saal+1 saal
Thnx buddy.....
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Name-anil singh
Education-mechanical engg. from I.I.T kanpur
Profession-mech engg. of turbine depp. in n.t.p.c shaktinagar(u.p)
Actor-noone watch film for entertainment

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Name : Tauheed
Hometown :Mangalore
Profession : Web designer / 3d designer / Graphic designer... www.rbnsoftech.com

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nice bro..........
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Real Name: Jitu Roy.
place : Chittagong, Bangladesh.
profession: Student, BBA [7th semister], University of Chittagong.
Fav. Star : Hrithik Roshan. But also like srk and aamir.

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Maruf tumi Narayanganj theke na. Fullmetal ar Fuad Dhaka theke.
maruf pm check koro...
@gg > Hometown comilla but current city narayanganj . Fullmetal er fb id ace ?
na nei. Tomar kache ache.
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Name-swadeep s. sisodiya
hometown-indore (m.p.)
profession-student(m.tech 1st sem. in digital comm.)
fav. star-akshay kumar

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Name: Rocco
Profession : Playboy
Place : Girĺs place mostly
Favourite star : You know it

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Hahaha ,,Girls place mostly" hahaha
Tu girls toilet main rehta hain xD
Rocco nd Hunter are Rulling....
Hahahahaha han yaar unkey toilet saaf karta houn kaafi toys milte hain :p

Hehee :p
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Name = Maruf Sarker.
Hometown = Comilla, Bangladesh.
Current City = Narayanganj, Bangladesh.
Proffession = Studying BBA(Accounting) under National University of Bangladesh,
Favourate Actor = Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan .

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Sorry For late answer

Name = Rahul

HomeTown= Kolkata

Profession = Just pass out from college

Fav Star = Srk also like salman and aamir ( 2nd fav)

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Home town-Bengaluru
Profession-studying Mba
Favourite actor-SRk

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Real name - Tulsidas Khan

Reel name - Hardcore Player

DOB - Sept 29, 1990

Birth place - Banur (Punjab)

Hometown - Ambala City (Haryana)

Current - NY, USA

Profession - Part time cashier; doing bachelors in International Business

Fav stars - Sunny, Aamir, Hrithik, Emraan etc

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Tulsidas Khan? Naam hai ya India Pakistan ka border ;)


Hahaha.. Name taken from Hungama movie.


@hardy And my line too was taken from Hungama


Oh my bad. Maine notice nahi kiya. Forgive me!

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Name- Munna Hossain Khan.

Hometown- Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Profession-Giving admission exam. for trying to get admitted in a engineering university.Want to study in CSE.

Fav. Actor-Shahrukh Khan.

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Name saifuddin mohammad Omar farouqe sihan
Age 22
Chittagong city, Bangladesh
Study political science(honors 3rd year)

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Name : Bruce Wayne
Hometown: Gotham
Profession : Killing anti-HR/pro-aamir jerks
Fav Actor: HR

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Kyu tu CBI hai kya,ya apne liye ladka dhund raha hai

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tuje jisee ******* see phocchna bhi nahi hain ,
just Aamir Best(3idoit) ==SRk Worst (HNY) Navo Trolled Again
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Sabhi ne blindly Engineer hi liya hua hai..

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real name: md.shariful islam
current city: dhaka
hometown : kushtia
profession : student
fav.actors: salman, srk, aamir

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Ahsan Elahi
Mcom student
Lahore. Pakistan
King of Bollywood

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Name- Abhishek
Current city- Bristol (United Kingdom)
Profession- Masters student
Favourite stars- Hrithik Roshan, I like srk too.

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Name- Arvind Verma
Hometown- Ghaziabad
Professiona- BDS
Fav stars- Shahrukh Khan (Die Hard), Hrithik Roshan and I like Akshay and Bhai to some extent......

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Wao........thats great.....

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Name - Niganta Agan
Place - Arunachal Pradesh (NE India).
Prof - Asst engineer PHE & WS.
Fav - King Khan... The Don of Bollywood.

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Nice to know you to be a North Eastern

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