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+5 votes
Diwali was best period to release has given major blockbusters earlier.....Movies in recent years have underperformed as all have received Extremely mix wom-K3;HNY;JTHJ;Ra One(Negative WOM)....
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4 Answers

+3 votes

Lol u get the biggest opening because of that then u get biggest opening weekend because of that then you have another couple of partial holidays after that and then crap hny does not work and so Diwali period becomes dull. Those stupids don't know movies like Raone became hit due to Diwali otherwise it would have gone to trash if released on normal days. Similarly if Rowdy rathod or Ready or YJHD would have released on Diwali I would have created much bigger records. No stop SRKIans with such lame excuses and accept that SRK is fooling his fans with such movies and capitalising the holiday periods.

by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
+2 votes

I'm not getting why are there so much talk on HNY box office. It's a sold hit means everyone made profit from this movie. What is point to calling it underperform and whatever? It's like that every movies that released between Titanic & Avtar failed to break Titanic collection underperfomed on box office. Mind it that HNY will be still Top 5 Highest Grosser Of Bollywood.

And most important thing is, whatever you make opinion on any movies' box office, business doesn't happen like that. If, HNY doesn't able to full fill anybody pre-maid prediction, doesn't make it underperform.

I'm happy that HNY entertained me and gross respectable numbers on ticket windows.

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
I lost my faith on u.....i thought u are too classy......How can u like movie like HNY to such extent
That's the reason, there is so much talk on HNY box office. I've never claimed that I'm classy or massy, have I? You made this opinion yourself and loaded lot of expectation about me that I cant like this movie, that movie. But, only I know what can I like or dislike. And, you shouldnt disappoint by this.
Well, why did I like HNY. I gave lot of reasons. Am not to go to repeat all the thing over and over again. Okay.
+1 vote

Diwali is not a dull period but movies have failed to do that well...HNY will be a super HIT....
And you said "Negative Wom" and Mixed....Still Hits and Super hits...
By the way what was the verdict of Jai Ho

by Second Unit Director (74.7k points)
Was Jai Ho a holiday release like HNY.......HNY would have been not a clean hit if released in place of Jai Ho
Then is Fan a Holiday release.....
0 votes

Yaar SRK fans hai yeh... Jaisa star vaise fans..

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)

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