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Oh no our king's fans are big chameleons..

by All Time best! (268k points)
+3 votes

Don't you know we are chameleons. We r SRKians after all.

by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
+2 votes

by Camera Operator (8.1k points)
+2 votes

Who said? You know itself na it was a good film or bad? When u have watched Dabangg 2, how did u felt?? I'm sure u felt very well as u were coming after seeing ur favourite star on big screen & that time u can rate even 10/10 for that film! Even Srk fans are also fans. First of all they feel good after watching a film of SRK no matter how it is, but it has their favourite star, secondly u gotta praise the film to create a good WOM! it's just love for their favor star, if u don't u are very honest but not die hard!

by Director (135k points)
Exactly, dat is quite a good answer
I didn't watch Dabangg 2 on first day. One salman fan in Naachgana said D2 was bad and I fought with him (before watching). Next day I watched D2 I found it worst than he had mentioned. My rating for D2 was 0.5 or 1 stars I forgot.
@sanjeev11 hmm but than to whom u said d2 was terrible?
+1 vote

This is how they called Raone - an answer to avatar and called Jab tak hai jaa - Ha ha haa as modern Mughal E azam- now they called HNY as #hnybestmovieever which is a real crap movie- so please dont trust any SRk movies- anyways people understood any movie of SRK is now crap no matter what it is

+1 vote

SRKians are biggest liars and fools among All Fanbases. Thy thought their Fake reviews can save a movie

by Producer (103k points)

HNY>>>PRDP and salmans BB kicks only a few crores higher. aukaat mein raho


Look who's talking lol

A person who can't stick to his own opinions for even short times and swings them like pendulum is lecturing others on fakeness & foolishness, hypocrite lol


Pendulum O Pendulum,
Hai nhi tujh mein Zara sa dum,
Pendulum O Pendulum.

+1 vote

It can happen with Salman fans too. Some fans have given 4.5/5 to review it now. After 2/3 years they may start to call it the crap of the decade.

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
+1 vote

Yes, Srkians got exposed, just not as much as Salman Khan's humongous stardom on eid with Tubelight..!!

by Mega Star (216k points)
0 votes

HNY is better than 98% Aamir's movies.
And Aamir fans always say,Talaash was a masterpiece but when it comes to BoxOffice,They say Talaash was a bad

by Producer (101k points)


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