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I am glad Salman is doing this movie for a change. Trailer and songs will decide how big opening the movie can take. Since it's releasing in Diwali and has one of the best weekend ever, we can at least expect a very good opening if not excellent or bumper. It has been a long time since Bollywood gave a family drama. Family audience will be eagerly waiting for this movie. The only question is how the youth will take this movie. If the romantic angle in the movie is good and the songs are excellent then only youth will take liking to the movie. In such a case it can create wonders at the box office as well as people's heart which Salman's recent movies have been failing to do.

by Editor (88.4k points)
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+8 votes

This is going to be very Intresting....
Salman hasn't played Goody Goody Guy Rajshee style character from Long Time (Even in BG he was doing Action and all)
This movie will be Welcome change for All Fans...
It's Good to See Old Prem Onscreen Again..

by Producer (110k points)
+6 votes

by Camera Operator (8.1k points)
+6 votes

Honestly I feel that the day has come when people won't be able to accept Salman in any role other than a muscular guy beating 100 goons and a silly story ....PRDP looks like a risky project for not being a Masala film....

by Assistant Director (48.7k points)
Then people have stopped remembering as well as caring for Raj & Rohit right?

Prem appeals to generations together.
Raj and Rahul btw...
Hmmm I thought like you said people had stopped caring whether it's Rahul or Rohit...
Agree with u but with good WOM film can cross 200cr
+4 votes

I love Soraj-Salman Combo Finally a good movie from Salman is expected , i am more intrested in PRDP then BB hope so it will re create the magic of HAHK , will be missing madhuri here though

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)
+4 votes

I dont know why but pics and rumours related to storyline movie is giving me a feeling that its Same line of Ready..

by Director (134k points)
In anyways it doesn't remind Ready. Plus it's Sooraj Barjatya so that's more than enough to trust the film apart from it being Salman starrer.

Just hoping for the re-union of the entire cast of usual Rajshri banner films. Would be very happy to see Reema Lagoo & Alok Nath join the cast.
+4 votes

On paper it looks set to be the biggest Blockbuster of 2015 lets hope it is in reality as well.

by Director (131k points)
+3 votes

M less interested for prdp n bb bcoz of tittle... wel i want rehman music for 1 film..

by Unit Manager (33.1k points)
+3 votes

Wow bhai is trying a different genre movie apart from his usual regular line with a different look n appeal n most importantly with a different hair style with a Royal look which suits him..
it is really Too much Fun for we fanz...

by Cinematographer (90.5k points)
edited by
Do u all think Youths don't like Family Drama????
+2 votes

Who is that girl with Salman??

by Executive Producer (66.1k points)

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