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dont knw who told navo that HNY is Universally accepted movie like 3 Idiots, i said multiplex audience loved it while single screen rejected it, he is still comparing it with Aamir's best of all time 3 idoit in that way SRK Best CDI , KKHH & DDLJ wont be compared to any film in hindi film industry as there is no comparison then for That as they are the best of SRK, Bravo Navo Trolled Again, U r slowly slowly realizing the Stardom OF SRK>> then Aamir
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You are on this forum since January and still u haven't realized that Navo is a retard and crying way to react against morons is to ignore them....kutte to bhonkte hi rahenge!

by Assistant Director (48.7k points)
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ya i know already told him not to post any comment and answer on my post because whenever he is trolled he will start abusing everyone and cry like a baby, but today oski sahe waat lag gae hain, i am just missing Real Champ here hahaha
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by All Time best! (268k points)
i guess u dont understand what i am saying idiot, where in the above post i have mentioned its the best movie , i said people are loving it or video check karle naa, HNY is not a Critically Acclaimed or  Universally accepted movie  but still  it was Compared to the best of Aamir Khan 3 idiot Again Navo is Trolled Big Time  
I compared the runtime u dumb idiot,coz u were giving excuse of runtime jahil creature.

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