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i guess a moment of silence for all those haters who thought HNY is the worst film of Shahrukh and it will go the ra one way but still it is collecting above 300 cr worldwide , it might be considered a weak content film of Shahrukh but the length hurt it more then the Content, film was amazing & Entertaining but long length killed its collection, if it was around 2.30 hours it would have collected above 200 but still above 180+ is a excellent figure for BOI and Above 200 cr Official Figure , so what will happen if this man gets a movie like  universally accepted  3 idiots . i mean this is extremely woow to collect a figure above 300 cr with a negativity equal to Ra-one, there was negativity around it before the release day

SO Moment of Silence For All Haters yeslaugh

in Opinion by Assistant Director (43.6k points)
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Awesum analysis......dil ki baat keh di...hats off to u!!!!

3 Answers

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If HNY shows decent trending in coming days,then it may even do 190 cr in India.And 350 cr worldwide,thats not a joke at all.I ain't satisfied much but still fine with it.

by Star (155k points)
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Don 2 was accepted universally, Sequel, YRF, Christmas release. Mila kya? GHANTA!

He isn't Aamir Khan. So, stop dreaming..

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
LOL Don 2 Yrf????? while Don 2 did more than 200 crores worldwide WO chod Why Hrithik's much awaited Bang Bang not a clean hit.HNY will at least be a superhit
+3 votes

Length?hahahaha abe ghajini,3i,d3 ka length dekh.Cry now cry.

by All Time best! (268k points)
idoit , they were Universally accepted film Ghajini and  3idoits, while D3 worked due to dhoom 3 brand only , OMG navo is comparing best of Aamir Khans 3 idoits with  Worst of SRK HNY, this is called Stardom Now , Worst of a  Bigger Star is Compared To the best of a junior Actor, Bravo Navo Appni Peroo peey khud kholaree MArlee Akher
Kuch din pehle to tu bola every1 is enjoying hny,u've never seen ppl clap in dubai hahaha #HNYbestfilmever lmao,shame on u chameleon
i am still saying it is doing wonder here in dubai because this weekend is full packed, we are talking about india stupid, bahanee maat bana, it is already a huge blockbuster in overseas and especially at Gulf

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