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Ouija - 1.5/5

It's a lame arse horror wannabe, released only to rob the viewers in the name of Halloween. Way too predictable & stereotypic with unoriginal scares throughout. There's a spirit which is killing all the friends of the "heroine", towards the end when the "spirit" is trying to kill her, so-called dead friend of the heroine shows up to fight against the spirit. Something like "Friends forever and beyond", I'll come for your help even after death. Pure horse sh!t !


Gone Girl - 4.5/5

Easily the best film of this year & a must watch. Highly recommended. If only I knew to whistle, the pre-interval scenes and the complete last 15 minutes of the movie entertains you with so many clap-worthy, whistle-worthy moments that it would not be an exaggeration to say all the superstars (Indian) masala entertainers "whistle-worthy scenes" combined is equal to those last 15 minutes of Gone Girl. You cannot stop yourself from giving a standing ovation with a round of applause.

Oh yes, censor board wrongly used the words "replaced with appropriate shots" for the cut scenes. When they say appropriate it means they're gonna zoom in that's all. For majority of the kissing scenes, all they do is zoom in so much that the actress (Rosamund Pike) as well as another actress playing Andy gets out of focus in fact out of the screen & even Ben Affleck as well as Neil Patrick Harris's lips are almost out of the screen. This is called hypocrisy as towards the end especially Neil Patrick Harris's scene is extremely crucial. 

Last Words - She's indeed the dream wife. Any "husband" should be "lucky" to have her commanding her "husabnd" to bend over for the rest of their life.

The movie deserves a GRAND SALUTE. It is officially the no.1 movie of this year on my list.

in Opinion by All Time best! (268k points)
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Gone Girl was good.I wont go for Ouija tho coz the last Horror film I watched in Theatre - Annabelle disappointed me so much that I dont have the guts to go back again for one! I'll need some time to re-group! :p

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Will be watching Gone Girl tomorrow for sure.

by Executive Producer (66.1k points)
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Yaha Gone Girl release hi nahi hui.. Woh crap HNY ko shows diye hue hain..

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
Even in Mysore, only 2 shows for Gone Girl. Both awkward timings - 10.30am & 9.55 pm.

HNY & Kaththi have retained major slots but more than that a big Kannada film "Belli" has released today so...

And tomorrow is Nov 1st so no theaters in Karnataka will play other language films apart from Kannada.

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