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My prediction for top 3 grossers PRDP BB Tamasha/Brothers
in Actors by Producer (103k points)
68% Accept Rate
U might be correct domestically but i feel ww Srks movie would definitely enter in t0p 3
@thunder bird .. yes u r rght ...jthj target audience was urban people bt it does nt mean its classy.a classy mvie should be realistic ..or should be ambiguous(basically not realistic bt logically right bt its inner message is higly realistic like avtaar)
jthj has lots of illogical factors which make the mvie unatractive.
movie speed is unimportant in this case.
veer zara is nt at all a speedy movie.. bt can u gv me a single illogical factor abt d mvie ???
that was d plus point of veer zara.
u do not expect a love story will be like dhoom series movie.
jo mvie dekhne jayenge woh yeh soch ke hi jayenge love story hai to thora bahut rona dhona,emotions to it should be realistic.

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Frankly speaking i don't care now that FAN and RAEES both will be high on content now i want general public appreciation for SRK and i want even haters to praise SRK's performance and films and i want SRK to sign ANURAG'S KALICHARAN also and that will be great for me i want SRK to do it, it will be great

by Mega Star (216k points)
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would you say veer zaara as classy film or not
TB i m not getting y u r giving example of avatar.
mr. A... bhaii sab se pahle to tjhe ye bata du k 28year k baad 38 year me bomb officer dikhaya hai. 10year are more than sufficient for that change. second thing you wrote about qualification, so for bomb disposal offficer  u first have to join as soldier which needs basic qualification that is 10+2, then u will go through basic training for soldier later you  have to go through special training for bomb disposal & some special tests and u will become bomb disposal officer. i think 10years are more than sufficient for it
@thunder bird , ofcorse hollywd avatar , basically its a scince fiction mvie , people from our planet want to occupy a beautiful planet which is boast of beautiful & powerful trees.those trees are priceless for those greedy people from the earth.
this is the story which we see in ths oscar winning movie.
bt behind ths the greedy people signifies the industrialists who want to occupy the villages & after destroying the trees they want to make industrialisation in the villages.which is a global issue today.
two types of stories are english litearature its called ambiguous means double meaning story.
similar like our raju hirani's 3 idiots . not realistic story at all.ek larka degree bina 130 patent leke duniya ka sabse bara scintist ban jata hai.not realistic bt iske pichhe indian education system ka jo scenario dikhaya gaya hai woh pura realistic hai.
like doc ya engineer ban na hi hai.1lakh salary ka naukri pana hi hai.tumhe agar football pasand ae to mat khelo, usme career guranteed nahi hai. parai system ke against awaz uthaya gaya hai main story ke pichhe.

@zikr tum jo kahe rahe ho woh shayad logically currect hai bt not practically rght. jthj me bahut factor tha jo realistic nahi me pali bari educated larki god ko promise kar ke apne bf ko chhor deta hai ...kuch hajam nahi hota. tum logic se kah sakte ho thik hai, bt its not practical. is liye sayad log ise connct nahi kar paye aur movie utna nahi chala. veer zara was flawless. aap ek bhi logic nahi deekha paogi jo practical nahi hai.
@thunder bird, a classy movie should be practical & realistic. aur 2nd type ka movie jo realistic na hoke bhi mujhe classy lagta hai woh to apko avtaar ka xample deke maine bataya. do u see satyajit ray's "heerak rajar dese" aur "gupi gayen bagha bayen" those are ambiguous literature. veer zara is a masterpiece in my opinion. i ll gv it 4.5 out of 5.

+3 votes

Fan will be high full on commercial film with content.Who will hire Avengers 2 action director for a film for restricted audience..For that movie content will speak.Raees if releases in 2015 will be a high grand and gigantic film.Srk as a gangster and Farhan as a cop

by Second Unit Director (74.6k points)
Will raees release in 2015 or postpone???
+3 votes

so what still SRK has more die hard fans ,more craze ,more stardom means real stardom not fake than aamir and salman and SRK die hard fans will support him till their last breath not fans like you who leave forum and come back.


thanks @Rahil i meant that photo is prove of SRK ultra stardom salman or aamir can't bring this kind of riot or crowds.that too in kanpur ss dominated centre.

+3 votes

But his fans will be more happy if fan and raees have good content.

by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)
+2 votes

Srk's film will always have 100cr+ collection, and as Fan is a Srk film & Yrf, promotion will be there too, all that is needed is a good WOM! And I want Raees to be completely classy,so not expecting much from box office numbers.

by Director (135k points)
+2 votes

But i am hoping that next year srk will ragain his reputation with fan & raees.
which he lost since my name is khan.

by Production Accountant (21.5k points)
+2 votes

I want both fan and raaes to be classics. Expecting very good content. Coming back to the question, I doubt tamasha will be one of the top grossers. I feel fan has better chances of success than raaes.
PRDP>BB>Fan >brothers. That's how it could be. Very excited for raaes but i feel it will lack commercial appeal unlike fan which is a yrf production.

by Star (148k points)
+1 vote

Bharr mein jaaye collections.. Dhang ki movie nikalde koi..

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
Pure Romantic Movies can never be classy .....Agree????

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