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SRK's career is like titanic in 2nd half,it can only go down and down.

by All Time best! (268k points)
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And aamirs like orgasm, dat will b only 4 few seconds!
+4 votes

Srk rejected Karan's movie because of his busy schedule..A clever businessman will always offer Srk first ans thats why most biggies done by Other Superstar in last or this decades were rejected by Srk..Salman was offered Shuddhi only when Hrithik and other stars rejected it.hahahahaha

by Director (133k points)
+3 votes

What iz the reason karan has stopped working with shahrukh???? and who said he went ahead and signed salman..iz Srk stopped giving business(approx 330-350cr for HNY)
before salman he offered shuddhi to Srk but Srk politely refused. and even he is co producer along with Srk in student of the year......

by Casting Director (18.9k points)
acha ye sab tere sath baith k hi decide kiya hoga un logon nay.... tere pas pictures to hoon gi jab srk nay reject ki shuddhi ....  mein kehta hoon srk ko aik bhe movie aaj tak nahe mili they all were first rejected by salman khan and then they came to srk .... srk ka kachra ho chuka hai ab..... doob chuka hai wo least he's not a matching star to the calibers of real khans
bhaii news bhi padh liya kar.....
Srk ka kachra.....hahaha, he iz giving worldwide 330-350cr movies and doob chuka hai wo
Bhai sahab ko kick ka worldwide collection bata do.....he keep on living in dreams/illusion!
God knows when will sallu miyan beat ce ww collctns????
+3 votes

baloon of salman and aamir khans will burst in future.they are unpredictable .with giving huge bbs or atbbs they might even surprise fans like u by giving talaash or jai ho or even flops which are more underperformers than recent SRK films.and at that time they will draw more critcism than SRK currently getting.we will wait for that time.

by 1 flag
Luvd ur "balloon line".....u r absolutely ryt, srk is d other name of consitency!!!

thanks @Raghib

+3 votes

Whole forum know suddhi rejected by Hrithik, rumours also there Srk rejected after Hrithik. after then salman got chance and hold it

by Editor (88.6k points)
+3 votes

Why salman can't give worlwide big grossers like d3,ce nd 3idiots!?
Yeah I know d caliber of so called khans,giving semi-hit in this time nd age,wid business expanding so much,even being at d top of stardom,salman couldn't save. Himself 4m giving jai ho......hahaha....srk fans being sad with superhit verdict states,how big srk stardom z nd u all being happi wid just semi hit indicates d real thing! The bitter reality z CE z a bigger hit than Kick, forget collections 4 a second!

by Executive Producer (69.9k points)
+1 vote

"Subah Ka bhula shaam ko Ghar wapas aane hi wala hai"....Thank god ke Salman ki Karan ke saath kaam karne ki iccha puri ho gayi.....warna kab tak tumhara bechara bhai sohail and arbaaz ke saath kam krta...

by Assistant Director (48.6k points)