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Happy New Year has grossed a huge 134 crore nett in its first week and the second highest first week of the year after Kick which grossed around 155 crore nett. The film had strong weekend and its all India collections were good on Monday and Tuesday but it fell on Wednesday.
Despite the falls in the latter part of the week it has still racked up a big first week number as Mumbai circuit has put up a fantastic number of around 46 crore nett and Gujarat could be an all time record for week one when the finally numbers come.
The film has not up held up with strongly but its not bad either and the second week will contribute a healthy total. The hold is not as strong as Kick but better than other big films this year like Singham Returns, Bang Bang and Jai Ho so second week figures should be higher than those films.
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1st Five day - 120 Crores
That means combined collection for Wednesday & Thursday is approx. 14 Crores now it is very difficult for HNY to cross ETT figure.
2nd Weekend 25-27 Cr
2nd Week 40 Cr (max).

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Good but really dissapointed as min 150 was expected and 200 crs was minimum expected in its lifetime but still I believe in taking positives out of any situation so atleast its a hit film.

by Director (130k points)
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Nd hopefully, eventually it shud get superhit verdic easily!
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that's little odd considering that producers figures are 157 which is very big but seeing after first weekend which is less so I'm still hopefull that boi will increase some crores after updating the first weekend and week collections btw now all depends on second weekend and second week and 3rd wekkend as these are in for

2nd weekend then 2 holidays in weekdays then 3rd week days so these 10 days will decide that where the film is going

by Mega Star (216k points)
I am sure BOI will increase the numbers. Data is still being collected so final figures will go higher.
The second week will have good numbers too as the weekend and holidays will see maximum multiplex contribution (where the film is holding). The other days will be low as they will be dependent on single screens (where the film is not holding).
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Good figure considering negative wom .....though after record-breaking 100 cr weekend,it should have collected 150 crs in 1st week!

by Assistant Director (48.6k points)
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Heights BB's first week of 112.5 Was disaster for them and HNY just 22 cr more then BB is very good WTH that too when BB released with almost 2k screens less and with clash.

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Bhai, dussehra, gandhi jayanti,bakr eid bhool gaye??
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and producer fig 157.57 cr yani 20cr differance 1st week me hi lol to the hny team great going i hope they beat k3 figure

by Production Designer (12.8k points)
Bro in producer figures they have include regional figures...
So i think actual difference will be 12-13 Crores.
bro woh maine add kar liya hai 134+5cr phr bhi 19cr ka differance hai may be week breakdown jb aayega to ho ske to thoda boi bdha bhi skta hai
@the shield > they will not even try to beat Bang Bang inflation which was 35cr forget about Krrish 3 which was almost 58cr
chal bhai 3rd no. par to aayega hi atleast 25cr may be boi increases the week collection then diference comes under 20cr

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