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+4 votes
in Movies by Executive Producer (64.5k points)
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When I watched HNY, liked it a lot, found it better than Kick, but now, thinking about it, they were pretty much same in liking. I mean, Kick had better screenplay, was entertaining, HNY was more entertaining than Kick after first hour, the story was good. Would choose Kick if have to, as the first hour of HNY was very bad.
@Filman totally agree

7 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Kick is much better than HNY. The latter was quite good towards the end, but the rest of the movie was complete crap. Kick was far more entertaining.

by Director (121k points)
selected by
Why don't u change into a Aamir or Hrithik Fan......Srkians are sub-standard like RC;Rahul;Thekai....U should be in good company
Puneet, I like both srk and aamir. And hr is my fav. I defend srk but I'm not stupid or demented like rc. Ever since I joined this forum, I've said aamir is far far superior to srk. But ur right. Most srkians here are blind.
+7 votes

I am the one....I haven't seen Kick btw.....but I have faith in salman's film that they are bound to be bad!

by Assistant Director (48.6k points)
ya......i do accept that i have a really bad taste as i like Salman and his films......but what to do........he brings 100, 200crore grossers......the day he will stop clicking these BO numbers, i will end my support for him......till then, i m a big fan of Salman bhai
Atleast somehw u like salman but i nevr evr like srk for anythng
hmm.......that is why nobody calls SRK as King n everybody considers our Bhai Jaan the best actor n King Of Bollywood......now baby shake hand karo
k if u wish to....................
+4 votes

I liked Kick too....but,HNY is way better than Kick honestly,a perfect Heist.........i will rank it above Don 2 also..,..

by Producer (101k points)
hahahaaaa epic
'Hahaha...Epic'?what's funny in it?if you found Kick better than HNY,its okay.as you are a salman fan,you won't accept........but,HNY is definately better than Kick and All recent blockbusters.........
kkk god save u..................
Atleast God will save me,but he won't forgive you.....
+3 votes

in terms of suspense action I ll love Kick but HNY is more entertaining

by Second Unit Director (74.3k points)
really u think so?
Ya agree.   As A film with action,execution Kick may be better but HNY provides more entertainment
+3 votes

Kick>Bang Bang=HNY!........And to be more specific, I felt like cheated while watching BB! HNY didn't really disappoint me! I knew what to expect from a Farah Khan film!...Before BB I thought Kick was bad...after BB & HNY..(specially BB!) changed my mind! LOL!

by Location Manager (7k points)
BB disappointed me a lot......it had no story at all......Bad Movie
+3 votes

Man in HNY everything was going in flow though I agree the 1st half was on of a bad one but that can be neglected as it was the all the makeup for the hiest. Unlike Kick HNY didn't needed any extra element to be added to justify the robbery. Moreover, patriotic theme gives me reason for me to choose HNY over KICK anyday anytime. I hardly like Kick.

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
+2 votes

Honestly speaking kick is an average film bt still much better than hny...in this forum hny is overrated by srk fans..both kick nd hny got mixed wom bt kick collections proved that who is the biggest star....

by Location Manager (5.4k points)

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