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How is the teaser respons of p.k in india?

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asked Oct 30, 2014 in Movie Discussions by fullmetal Unit Manager (34,204 points)
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5 Answers

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answered Oct 30, 2014 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (77,007 points)
selected Oct 30, 2014 by fullmetal
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Its getting positive response....so now aamir wid rajkumar hirani wid Christmas holidays wid good trailer shud cross 300cr...otherwise it will be proven dhoom3 collected solely coz of the brand and katrina n not coz of aamir.

answered Oct 30, 2014 by Deleted User Id - 0
edited Oct 30, 2014 by
Yes...u r right it will be 300 cr...if released on 6000 screen count(domestic) and 20-25% price hike....
As I have said...film kitni bhi achi ho...u also need business structure to support it..
+5 votes
134 peoples are hospitalized. 76 peoples gone mad. 534 peoples are in comma. 1098 people are in headache. In language of our @Navoarsenal .
answered Oct 30, 2014 by Super Rocking Khan Production Accountant (21,860 points)
+4 votes

Its not as as good as Kind of Response which Poster got..But still response is very much positive..Comparing with Poster i mean Trailer didnt match upto curiosity created by Poster..Some people are thinking that its Art Film.But those who have watch trailer in theatre is giving positive response then what its getting on youtube.

answered Oct 30, 2014 by karan khan Director (133,071 points)
95% liked it. R u talking about no of views?....
Not talking about youtube likes or views.just talking about general audience.
How do u know about general audience. Have u gone out and taken any survey?.
What is the criteria to judge it?
+2 votes

Positive response and curiosity everywhere- Aamir is Back

answered Oct 30, 2014 by Deleted User Id - 0
when did he leave bro...to be back. Hope like every time aamir gives a good movie as a Christmas gift

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