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@SRK you have 6 consecutive hits according to BOI & 11 according to sites which consider BILLU as special appearance. @Sanjeev11 out of these 6, 2(MNIK & DON2) released on non-holiday. Btw which was salman's last non-seasonal release i.e. VEER

by Super-star (172k points)
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christmas was on sunday for don2...and new year in 2nd weekend also sunday. So by ur logic Don2 would be a non-holiday release. But no, both jaiho and don2 are festive releases.
@dillip was 23rd dec a holiday. For me both don2 and jai ho are non holiday.
no 23rd dec is not holiday. But both movies are released as keeping festive season in mind. So, they are holiday releases acc me. See for eg: if the holiday is on Tue. There are two ways to release 1) on Tue 2) on weekend before tue. Recently many are following 2nd option becoz anyway weekend will be decent and on tue it will boost weekdays collection which will benefit lifetime. Following 1 option may give huge first day but film will be trending in lower level by the time of weekend which is not beneficial.This means they are releasing keeping forth coming holiday in mind. So, they are festive releases only. For both don2,jai ho holiday fell on sunday, which didnt give them huge extra benefit as others but u cant ignore they released in that period only.
@dillip555 HO GAYA!!!!
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That's why Srk called most consistent superstar....................

by Editor (88.6k points)
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Aamir with Dhoom Brand-32 Crore.
Aamir without Dhoom Brand-12 Crore.
Aamir with Dhoom brand-259 Crore.
Aamir without Dhoom brand-90 Crore.
Shame on Aamir.....

by Producer (101k points)
Ghajini and 3i crossed 100cr, how 90cr?..........
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Because except Srk all others have guts to release at least one movie on non-holidays.

by Editor (88k points)
@Maruf Sarker: Any links to show Jai Ho collected 25 crores on Sunday?
Jai Ho jumped because the opening was way poor for a superstar movie.
fantastic reply Sanjeev loag yahan par aisay he reply ka wait kr rahay thy......Maruf to h he pagal.......leave him.......take a deep breath n say JAI HO
Ha hai ha ha . Well Jai Ho 1st day = 16.9cr,
2nd day = 16.3cr,
3rd day = 25cr, total weekend = 58.2cr . You can check BOI . Open a link of hny . Then check archive .

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