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Why Dance like a Chammiya wasn't released?(it would have been hugely popular)

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asked Oct 30, 2014 in General by Sanal Star (143,579 points)
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Because it was one of major Fun part of the movie.Releasing it before would have reduced the impact f the song in theatre...Though Dance like Chammiya is not Chartbuster material but Sharabi could have been huge Chartbuster if released before.I think it has the best picturisation.releasing 1-2 surely would have increases the hype and another Chartbuster would have been on name of Srk.

answered Oct 30, 2014 by karan khan Director (133,049 points)
selected Nov 2, 2014 by Sanal
but they wasted dance like a chamiya in he film also BTW  what do you think is the main reason of masses and youths rejecting the film youths also didn't liked ce but masses supported ce but not hny..WHY..??
Masses hi chala rahe hai ce,itna bekar 1st tha.
@ THUNDER BIRD,Trailer of CE attracted the youths they liked it or not was seperate reason but it got attention of them and even Lungi dance also created little buzz..Trailer of HNY was not at all attractive.It failed to get attention.People were like yaar kya kuch bhi banayi he.Trailer kya ek gaana bhi dhang ka nahi he..Even Wom wasnt that positive to bring the youths or other audience also during weekdays..Masses do not like it as there was lack of emotional connect with the movie which CE had..Even OSO and MHN were successsfull because of big centres only...btw audience were laughing at Dance at Chamiya song especially when it ended.
attracted the youths?? Lol Abe family audience ki vajeh se chali hai woh..

Btw Karan, expired excuses kyun bol raha hai..
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Lol.. Tum log toh Satakli ko bhi 'Best song of HNY' .. 'Biggest chartbuster coming'.. keh rahe the..

answered Oct 30, 2014 by Sehgal Assistant Director (44,847 points)