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+8 votes
in Movies by Camera Operator (10.8k points)
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Obviously 3 Alltime grossers is a bigger achievement. That too in 4films gap(Ghajini,3I,Talaash,D3). Its a record that may never be erased. Who Knows he may achieve 4ATG in 5 films with Pk. I hope Aamir does it. Very high chances.
Yeah,,,hope for best,,
And i dont want aamir to take a break after pk like he did after 3I. Want more movies from him.
Yeah ,,,,atleast one movie in a year,,,,,,but aamir to aamir hai,,

8 Answers

+9 votes
Best answer

Since you asked for Salman vs Aamir...

Both are great records, but Aamir's stands tall because those 5 back to back BB's were chasing the records of Aamir's films in last 5 years.

To talk outside records, then Salman has love while Aamir has respect from their audience. The backbone to the "Trust" they've gained over the audience is based on that.

Now don't question me, "Is Aamir not loved?" Because that was not the meaning of what I said.. You can't put super stardom & quality films on the same level. One is a result of love or mad love/following, while the other resulted in immense "Trust". There's love but it's quoted under these emotions.

by All Time best! (257k points)
selected by
Aamir is loved. Or else how do you explain the people trusting him & his work?
waise me to aise hi puch dala.btw Aamir is not loved like Salman or Srk..There is set of audience who just likes to watch his movie.
SRK is more loved than salman.
"Aamir is not loved like Salman or Srk", but that doesn't change the fact that he's still "loved"... That was my point in answering your question...

@Nandu Bhide .. Try measuring love.. let me see to what extent you'll succeed.
+5 votes

Giving 3 ATG in 4 movies is a bigger achievement..........5 B2B Blockbusters is also a big achievement in itself

by Producer (102k points)
+5 votes

Being a Salman fan i don't hesitate to say that Aamir's 3 ATG's achievement is bigger n better than Salman's 5 B2B BB's..
it is not a biased one bt from heart..

by Editor (82.6k points)
+4 votes

Three all time grossers is a much bigger achievement. Giving an ATBB isn't as easy as some people think it is.

by Director (127k points)
+3 votes

To give 12 ATBBs in total (India+Overseas) and in different genres is another level of stardom....A level of stardom, which is still out of reach for your Salman-Aamir!!!

by Assistant Director (48.6k points)
+1 vote

Up vote if you think Aamir is best actor
Down vote if you think SRK is worst actor

by Assistant Director (44.8k points) 3 flags
edited by
Atleast question tho dekh lo.

still they are in top 5 WW Collections List , & thats on your face @sehgal


meri taraf se laat(metaphorically) bhi le le on your face @sehgal

–3 votes

Giving 11 B2B CLEAN HITS in Different Genres even with huge negativity,giving Super Hit/Blockbuster is the biggest achievement......

by Producer (101k points)
–4 votes

Of course giving 3 all time grossers is toughest as even biggest megastars like Salman and Srk have only given one all time grosser until now.

by Editor (82.5k points)

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