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in Predictions by All Time best! (268k points)
71% Accept Rate
This inspite of huge spam votes by global king fans,and as they themselves say,aamir has no fans,so no +ve spam vote in talaash.
LOL, spam -ve votes are also there, hence both are equalised.

6 Answers

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I loved both of the movies. For me Talaash was slightly better than Don2. Talaash was my favorite movie of 2012.

by Editor (88.3k points)
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+5 votes

Lol...Don 2 = 71%, Talaash = 64% Rotten cry idiot....

by Assistant Director (48.7k points)
+3 votes

lol don 2 is masterpiece or not don't care but as far as action films goes it's one of the best action thriller of Bollywood i don't know what problem you have with don 2 you always degrade it maybe due to dhoom 3 wait many hr fans don't like don 2 because they have dhoom 2, now aamir fans have dhoom 3 and salman fans because they have ett, dabangg which can't match don 2 so don 2 is boring but now they have kick lol

note - i said many fans not all

btw i haven't seen talash so I'm not commenting. on it but you shouldn't degrade don 2

by Mega Star (218k points)
+1 vote

Lol...who cares those 2 Rupees paid critics.....first IMDB,now critics.....shame on Aamir.

by Producer (101k points) 1 flag
U said aamir has no fans,so how can there be +ve spam votes in talaash.And srk has highest fans u say,always most busiest on twitter,fb,yt etc so also in imdb
Navo tere khud ke kitne fake acc hai...wo bol pehle...haha
SRK has most no. Of haters who give 1/10,2/10,3/10...5/10 to every SRK movie............but,Aamir has less haters than SRK,Salman.they are blindly giving 9/10,10/10 to every movie of Aamir.
Ek hi a/c hai,woh bhi saal bhar ke upar ho gaya login kiye lol,i use imdb only as a reader
+1 vote

Don2 has much better repeat value and srk killed it in that role. Absolutely amazing. Aamir and kareena were superb in talaash but you can't watch it more than once. But I still feel talaash is a great effort from a superstar like aamir. It's a no frills experience and not many stars would agree to be a part of such movies.

by Star (156k points)
Aamir acting is Talaash was top notch....Just see his expressions when Kareena takes him to Hotel ....For me its one of best suspense drama of BW...
0 votes

MNIK 3.75/5 > 3 idiots 3.69/5

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

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