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According to some users here don 2 is a masterpiece & talaash is a bad movie,,,,,,,why???
related to an answer for: Hny wensday prediction acc to boi??
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I liked talaash too. But its a one time watch. After the twist is revealed first time,u wont have same feel watching the next time. On the other hand, Don2 has a good repeat value. Along with great production values, it has good scenes & sequences, some kickass dialogues due to which it can be watched multiple times.
Agree with you,,,

10 Answers

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Talaash is a good movie, but the climax spoiled the near-perfect build-up. I loved Don 2 & Its better than Talaash for me due to its repeat value and great execution. Don 2 was a more entertaining watch. :/

Talaash is not a bad movie, but more-like a missed chance. It had great potential.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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The question wasn't formatted properly so i hid it.
@zin and @navo, honestly speaking i usually like multiplex oriented films but i never liked talaash, no doubt aamir acvted good but overall movie was exremly average.
@Zikr Yeah the build-up was good but the overall execution made the film look average.
+5 votes

Talaash is a very good movie for me but don 2 was great.for me talaash-3.5/5,don 2-4/5 so don 2 is better.

by Unit Manager (34.8k points)
+4 votes

I like both movies equally. In the case of talaash, a day before watching it, I already knew that kareena plays a ghost, as a few friends spoiled it for me. I went to the movie knowing this but still enjoyed it. Not a perfect movie, but still quite good. The overall feel, acting of the movie was top notch. And the music album for me was the best of 2012..Very underrated.

by Star (157k points)
Talaaah has outstanding album....Even Special 26 has great album.....Both Underrated.....Talaash was treat to watch ....Even I knew Kareena was Ghost due to my stupid friends but for me everything was perfect before climax....Very Good movie
+3 votes

Of course Don 2 is better.....Aamir fans are spamming IMDB...honestly speaking Talaash was really boring...and yes....Don 2 is one of the finest thrillers in Bollywood!!!
enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

by Assistant Director (48.7k points)
I don't believe any critics reviews...its for idiots like u who can't judge movie on its own....
acc to critics mnik 3.75 and 3i 3.69
make a post about it @parag
+3 votes

DON 2 is one of the best action thrillers of Bollywood it don't have no unwanted element farhan didn't ruin don 2 by adding extra things for box office purpose from first scene to last it is right on money plus it also have suspense and it's a great action thriller don't know why some people hate it say it as boring and says that Indian audience didn't like the don so it's bad yes many said that to me lol

haven't seen talash so can't comment on that

BTW IMDB is like i don't care gunday is lowest rates in IMDB so it's worst film of all time right lol

by Mega Star (218k points)
regarding gunday,it got massive neg.votes 4m Bangladesh.
+2 votes

Talaash is a better film bt with zero repeat value while Don2 is more entertaining..And forget srkians,acc to them ddlj,k3g,mohabbatein are also masterpieces lol. Avg critic ratings of don 2 is 2.92,that of talaash 3.46. Die now

by All Time best! (268k points) 1 flag
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bhookh lagi hai na? khaega fir se?
@Rahil tera star bhi toh Aamir se biscuit khata hai, abhi tujhe Aamirians se biscuit khana hai? hahaha
tuje bhi chahiye to sidha sidha dunga
+2 votes

IMDB?lol...3 idiots has 8.5 rating has 8.7 rating.lmao...even Baadshah,Welcome etc. Are way better than that,its proved Aamir paid them to show the ratings of his movie higher....shame on aamir.
Btw,Don 2 is not a masterpiece.i never call it masterpiece.but,it is way better than Talaash(though talaash was not bad)...

by Producer (101k points)
3i,aaa are better than ddlj,,,,,&ddlj has 8.5 rating,,,lol,seriously man 8.5,,,loooool
3I,AAA better than,i don't want to argue with
0 votes

I loved both of the movies. For me Talaash was slightly better than Don2. Talaash was my favorite movie of 2012.

by Editor (88.3k points)
–2 votes

Talaash is slightly better than Don 2 .....Talaash-4/5;Don 2-3.5/5...Talaash lacks repeat value but Don 2 can be watched more than once......Talaash was a risky project and Aamir Khan can only do this

by Producer (103k points)
–3 votes

when someone cant find anything bad with someone they create thing out of blue..... aamir haters cant find any bad movies that aamir's been doing lately so they target this one.... apne to unke har movie k sath oscar aatay hain na.... srk fans ko achi movie ki adat nahe .... abhe aik mediocre don 2 mili wo hi unko best movie in the world lagti hai.... kya low standard ki hai ya baykari fanbase

by Super-star (161k points)