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Salman has a role that the junta would take to instantly and the actor too endears himself to the viewers. He's stupendous. - Taran Adarsh

London Dreams belongs to Salman. - Rediff

Salman puts in a lot of heart in his act and his frivolous nonchalance never makes the drama go overboard. He is likeable as a flirt trying to woo Asin and his doped act in the final reels is compelling. - Economic Times

Think ‘Wanted’ was Salman’s best? wait till you watch this. He emotes like never before, effortlessly delivering one of his best performances to date. You easily relate and feel deeply for his character. This performance could well win him some awards this year. - Indicine

Salman Khan is super in the lighter moments, his scene in the aircraft is the highlight. - Mid-Day


Bhai Selling Movie Tickets in Delhi as the promotional stunt for London Dreams,


Few Well Handled Sequences + Well Performed

Well Salman is tricked into Drug addiction


Ajay Devgn confesses (pre-climax)


Ajay Devgn is envy of Salman


And ofcourse Salman Khan at his hilarious best


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hey is Race Gurram a watchable movie.
Watchable, definitely yes. First time I had disliked it a lot, 2nd time found it very much entertaining.

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Even I liked Salman's performance.When i First watched it the first thing that came into my mind that why they chosen Ajay for that role.He doesnt looks like Rockstar..Even his Character was so confusing...I think Vipul Shah must have considered some other actor for that role.But ya. Salman was saving grace of the film.

by Director (133k points)
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one of my favorite movies.... brilliant pre climax...probably one of the finest .... but the climax ruined which could have been a true dichotomy of love and hate cinematic experience ...furthermore its a music oriented movie and it presents the worst sort of music very underwhelming ..... second best performance by salman khan after jaanemann .... some say only after the failure of this movie that audience rejected him in this sort of good roles and accepted him in masala genre in shape of wanted .... he started doing only massy movies.... his performance could have been best of his all career if he'd have handled first half of the movie ,for example he was bad in plane scene ... but second half...his performance takes your breath away..... ajay was good very good in fact.... but i didn't accept him in this film...should have been someone else...not that he was bad ... but he doesn't look like a rockstar ... salman khan shouldnt have gone back to london ..... he should have stayed ...and im sure that part of script would have been altered by salman khan himself to make it look like a happy ending ..... because he doesn't believe in Unhappy endings after tere naam

by Star (153k points)
I would've selected your answer as best but you mentioned the plane scene which I found perfectly hilarious as well as down to earth.

You rightfully pointed out that Ajay needed better characterization to make him look more believable as the rockstar.

The climax, it was always supposed to be a happy ending, Salman not forgiving Ajay wouldn't have made sense. But the climax should've been handled better infact a lot better. It came out as very ordinary & dragged in the end.
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One of Salman's best! It was Salman's best film in recent time & most underrated either. 4/5 for the movie & for Salman

by Director (135k points)
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Well honestly other than salman and ajay i want to change everything about the movie esepcally asin she was really bad(well she was bad in every film except ghazni)really hated the movie.2/5 from me 2 just because salman and ajay.

by Unit Manager (34.2k points)
Asin & Chennai Express gelled well for me in this film. For me it would've been the screenplay, a better characterization for Ajay to make him more believable as a rockstar, lesser inspiration from Amadeus - I mean they did remake it but too much inspiration drawn from the original...