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If HNY manages to get near 40 crores.It will be bang on......

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aur ye idiots d3 ko leke aise baat krte hai jise uske atbb hone ka pura credit aamir ka hai, lol, srk in d3 would have done 300 crs
definitely 300 crores........HNY can do it
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For that screens should be that much d3 released on 3900 screens HNY ka abhi pata nahi first let screen count come and for the record i'm sure that screen count won't be 40% more plus HNY is not HNY 3 it's only HNY

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hahaha......HNY 3.....with John Abraham n Hrithik's hardwork in HNY n HNY 2
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Hahahahahahahahah Navo u r a BBIIGGG @#$&% hahahahahah!!!!!!

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Abhi toh ladai shuru bhi nahi hui, tune pehle hi ghutne tek diye, 2-4 excuses aur soch le, baad me zyada mehnat nahi karni padegi

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Finally u show ur insecurity.... good good

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Well, HNY does not have Dhoom brand. And 40% above D3 (32 crores) means around 45 crores which is almost impossible and unrealistic.

But for me if 40 crores is not crossed, it will be a disappointment. Perhaps I am expecting too much but HNY can do it.

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I think HNY will beat dhoom 3's first day by about 10 percent.

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Dhoom 3 collected 29.74 Crore on its opening day(even lower than CE despite releasing in 500 more screens,10% hike in ticket price,biggest brand.source-BOI.co.in)...Dhoom was the biggest brand.so,10 crore minus kar...19.74 crore....katrina is no.1 actress....to 3 crore minus kar....16.74 crore...Jay-ali much popular character....to 6 crore minus kar.....so,dhoom 3 actually collected 10 crore due to Aamir...
Now,coming to HNY......400 more screens than D:3........to 10+4=14 Crore...........holiday release....5 crore add kar...14+5=19 crore.....so,anything above 19 crore will prove that HNY and SRK are the clear winner!

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Ce did only 0cr due to saruk.Shame on flop srk35f
Shame on 37 disasters actor Amiri kahan.
hahhahah.........i just loved ur calculations....hahah....''5 crore add kar...14+5=19 crore.....so,anything above 19 crore will prove ''