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What type ( OR like which film) of wom it needs to do so???
asked in Predictions by Executive Producer (69.7k points)
96% Accept Rate

11 Answers

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Looking at the advance booking it might surpass Dhoom 3 records.But after record breaking weekend and week,it has to rely on wom.SRK's starpower will not work after 1st week.So if the content comes out even like MHN or OSO,it should break the record.I'm waiting for the review of public from imdb on 23rd Oct.

answered by Production Accountant (20.1k points)
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+7 votes

It'll break it by a good margin of 40+ cr !

answered by Assistant Director (55.9k points)
+4 votes

-100% chance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

answered by Camera Operator (10.8k points)
Srk ki mandira,,,,,,seexxxyyyy giirrrllll,,,,,,
I hardly remember any heroines of aamir....seexxxyyy jassi babeeeyyy!!!!
Seexxxyyyy giirrrllll,,,,,,,,,,chhaaammmmiiiiiyyyaaaa,,,,,,,,,baabbbyyyy,,,,,chamkcchhhallllooo,,,,,,,,
sexxyyy babbeeeyyyyyyy..........babeeyyyy........kamliiiiiiiiiiii.......
+3 votes

If WOM is like Ra.One - 150 crores
If WOM is like CE - 230 crores
If WOM is like OSO/MHN - 270 crores
If WOM is like 3 idiots (almost impossible) - 300 crores

answered by Assistant Director (41.6k points)
+3 votes

100000000000000000%.It's gonna break d3's record in India.Angutha lagwale

answered by Unit Manager (37.6k points)

hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaaha....... Shame


dhobi ghat ke samay tera shame kaha tha.....................


Bring offbeat films to show Aamir is smaller lol... This question was about hny beating d3.

Hny domestic did half of PK(overseas)

+2 votes

Its 30-70 with those 30% in the hands on content of the film which will decide whether it breaks the record or not.

answered by Director (130k points)
+2 votes

Chances are as high as Sachin to get Out in Nervous 90s!!!

answered by Assistant Director (48.6k points)
+1 vote

Only Ace can break his record!............

answered by Second Unit Director (74.4k points)
with the help of hirani or dhoom brand, LOL
Ya Hirani>> Diwali+ king. Only Aamir is capable of getting Hirani again
but aamir << king
0 votes

Very very tough. After watching nonsense ki night i don't know where this movie is going. Aa I've said a zillion times before, best case is 230 cr. Nothing more that.

answered by Producer (109k points)
Have u watched Satakli...Non Sense ki night was First song of dance comp and worst dancers performing.In the film they got serious at Satakli that they can pull it
0 votes

Chance pe dance nahi karpayi Hny..... Lol

answered by Editor (80.6k points)

@Arvind i respect you n srk bt some srkians with hrithikians are doing d same fr jai ho's post's..
tit for tat bhai..


Ok bhai keep going.................


.......copy cats.....haHA........prem fans.......

Only Salman has been able to do this.
–3 votes

Less than 0%.............
Only opening day & weekend will be possible due to Diwali holidays.

answered by Director (128k points)

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