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Lootera, It's trailer was undoubtedly one of the best in recent times, the director of this movie is Vikramaditya Motwane, whose last movie was Udaan, which was a great one.So obvioulsly, the expectations are high this time & hoping that it'll be a great movie content wise and that would help it to perform well at boxoffice,as now-a-days content based movies are performing well at boxoffice, irrespective of their starcasts.So yeah, waiting for this movie.First day will be 6-7cr & weekend will be around 21-23cr, It's lifetime will depend on the wom of the movie.

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I think it will collect around 30-35 crores. Lets see. If it gets positive WOM then there is nothing to worry - it can go very well bove 40 crores.
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This movies fate completely rely on WOM ....
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Lootera will be a very good movie content-wise.....The director is Vikramaditya Motwane(Udaan fame),so you can expect the movie to be good.The opening weekend will be in the range of 23cr and lifetime will be around 50cr
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I agree with you! Lifetime collections around 40 - 60 is expected!
I think your predictions are for Bad wom,mixed wom and positive wom(coz your range is so big.40-60cr).Well i dont like it that way,in that case it becomes way too easy and chances of failing are less

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