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Anybody from Pakistan or who is frequent with Pakistani films can answer it better.

Whoever you named are Indian actors, there's no rule that Pakistan should accept our choice too. They'll be having their own favorite actors from Lollywood. You don't sell a Rajesh Khanna, Sanjeev Kumar or Big B in West. They've their own set of great actors to pick from.

So let's wait for someone too familiar with Pakistani films to answer.

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It was time in 60's and 70's when Pakistani industry and Bollywood film were par with each other.How many Pakistani movies you have seen and people of this forum has seen..Sultan Rai was very popular and he had gained huge popularity in India and Pakistan...I think you should see his films first....

Craze of cinema is never like the way Bollywood is..It is culture of India while films have never been in Pakistani

In terms of acting
Actors like
Sultan Rai
Nadeem Baig
Javed Sheikh
Omar Sharif
Moin Akhtar
Muhammad Ali
are very finest actors and pride of the nation..Just see their performances...
If you remember Omar Sharif also did comedy in Zee Cine awards 2005

If today you want to compare

Then compare Televison serials of both countries

by Second Unit Director (74.3k points)
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oh yah..   How can I miss him..
are u from Pakistan too
Yeah i am

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