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I think it was Mixed in Plexes and Mixed to negative in SS audiences overall it was little below mixed.
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same as yours............

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Positive amongst the Urban Multiplexe Audiences,Mixed amongst Multiplexes in Middle Level cities and Negative amongst single screen audiences in B and C Centres.Mixed in Single Screen Audiences in big cities.Overall Mixed.Still the film will collect more than 150 crores.Thats commendable.To hell with haters its extremely brilliant.

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Agree with you
U mean its a pure and pure class movie....................but it was semi class movie....................
I think was neither a fully class movie and nor a fully mass movie it should have been full to one of the either then it would have been better for the film.
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Mixed to good in plexes and mixed to bad in single screens.....Overall a mix wom like JTHJ or Bodygaurd

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Don't Change d Topic...It Was Having Good WOM Everywhere

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Oh really now you know more than even boi even they mentioned content was the problem otherwise after great start on oct 2 morning,afternoon it dropped in night shows and coudnt rise on sunday that much and why to argue with a brainless,hairless Person

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