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even 10 years younger to khans

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How can a movie be declared bb when it lost money in most of the circuit?
btw Koimoi criteria of giving is on basis of budget..Declared CE super hit but budget of Ce was lower then Bang Bang?..so Bang Bang should be declared avg or semi hit a
Acc to this site Aamir has 19hits and Dhoom3 is hit or super hit.so how can this site be trusted?.
Its followed by only some people who wants to show their bigger.

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Koimoi called Bang Bang a plus fare yesterday and said it had to collect 280 crores (double of budget) to be called hit.
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So,10th. Hit for Hrithik in just 19 movies while Small star like Aamir has only 9 Hits in 30 Years out of 42 movies.

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hahah,.....yaar qasam sy, yeh comment kahan sy bn gya??.....lol......kabhi to chor deya kr Aamir ko
Nolan ka answer ki wajah se karna pada.....
haha...okay....phir thek h.....main smjha k tu ny pehlay keya....but ab smjh ayi k Nolan ka answer isliye neechay h cz SRKians har jgah hain
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hahaha....Blockbuster?? It's Not Even A Clean Hit

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Woah man, Hrithik has 2 Blockbusters in last 2 years. Really amazing acheivement. Its not that easy even Srk has only 1 blockbuster in last 7 years.

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flop movie or maximum semi hit.............................................

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tatti kha chuze

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