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I dont know why users gave downvotes.

u r serious abt fake accounts or is it just a joke??? @thekai100 waisi waqae yaar, mjhe to bhool he gya tha k HRSG naam ka user bhi hota tha yahan par.....kahan h HRSG..???

itni gandi hone ka baad toh dunya ka besharam se besharam aadmi bhi na aye. HRSG toh phir bhi aurat hai

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When a solo release like raone can be called hit
Then bang bang will Definetely called hit

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ra.one recovered its cost from other sources. BB is going to be in a loss
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Most certainly Semi-hit or maybe hit at best

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Distributers have not recovered costs..They did in case of Ra One...thanks to brand ties and 28 crores subsidy by UK govt.

In case of Bang Bang it will most likely to be a semi hit

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for sure.

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Pagla Gya Hai Kya??
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boi have already said many distributors have not recovered and many suffered heavy so flop..............................

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Flop, Average or Semi Hit

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Lord, ab to gusa thook do

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