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Kick leads.

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Bang bang >> happy new year >> kick

answered by Cinematographer (90k points)
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I like Happy New Year album better than the other two.

answered by Assistant Director (42.3k points)
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Its HNY without any doubt.....Bang Bang is also good but i like HNY album more........Kick album is pathetic......don't insult other 2 albums by comparing with crap kick.....

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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For me kick is slightly better.

answered by Unit Manager (35.2k points)
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Blind fans will praise even d worse of their stars..
but being not bias for me Kick is > BB > HNY..
even being a fan i don't like Jai ho misic...

answered by Cinematographer (94.5k points)
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It is one and only kicka kicka. don't compare with .Hny crap album with kick

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HNY and BB both are just Decent album.....well, nothing to talk about pathetic Kick here!
so I will rate ....HNY >= BB >>>> Kick

answered by Assistant Director (49k points)