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the last time srk movie had chartbuster songs were back inn 2007 when om shanti om released...... after that only hit songs here in there in few movies ...only om shanti om music was hit like ek villain ....rest are hit song like ek thi dayyan

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Well said Mahn. ......
still srk is giving hits without chartbuster songs
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Songs are nothing special, this time it seems SRK spent more attention on World tour than music and trailer.

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Srk and Farah have already said Songs are made for reason and situation in the film..They may not be liked when hear but in film they are perfect match to situation...Music will become chart buster after release when people will see songs in film according to situations in the film

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You can't get an album like Ek Villain every year, and here you are expecting HNY's album to be like EV? Tell me which big film of recent years has music like Ek Villain, don't say YJHD, it wasn't a big film but music made it bigger, except that no albums of superstar has chart buster songs like Ek Villain,but if you think that HNY songs are even worth comparing with EV, then thanks dude!

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Why Kick failed to cross D:3?

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kick is broken Ce lifetime that's enough for salman fans
Yes,Kick crossed 425 Crore WW Gross of CE.....lol....
Who banned you. Must have a crack in head.
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go & get a loan and buy a tv from a shop and then watch 9xm, mtunes,etc.

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Bcoz there is not album this year which is even close to ek villain.If u even cmpare ek villain's any one is song is better than the album of hny or kick.So u should know what u are comparing.Ek villain's album is in the league of aashiqui2 and hny album is much better than crap jai ho.I know u insulting SRK and ek villain album.Let me tell u kick's album is nowhere near ek villain and jai ho toh sabse ghatia album of the year.Idiot

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Because they are not a music lover and they are a shahrukh haters

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