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yes atleast ek villian had chartbuster songs but all songs of hny are garbage only lovely is good.
hny will be another jai ho,bang bang huge under performer coming soon.

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Even with Zero buzz, HNY will collect more than Kick.. Angutha Lagwa le..

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Really ! that means hny collection less than 100 crores. if it happen all bollywood should die .Lol

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)
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still it will open bigger than jai ho, kick and bang bang!!! hahaha

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OH Cammon HNY is gonna be the highest opener and Ek Villain had so much buzz bcoz of its mindblowing trailer and outstanding songs still doesn't matter SRK's presence makes HNY the biggest film of the year.

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yes.i think in mass center it is noway near to the ek villain .

answered by Casting Director (19.1k points)

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