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+6 votes

In my opinion it is excellent considering Dusserah celebrations and clash with Haider which is having fantastic WOM..!!

in Opinion by Star (151k points)
97% Accept Rate
no, i am not - they are well below expectations, wom is not good.
150 core is looking out of reach after SATURDAY figures
@Anand1199 I don't give a damn about BO... what satisfy me more is seeing my star on 70 mm
@Hardcore Player Even I care less about BO..!! But ultimately it boils down to that...as it's the most disscussed matter about films..
It matters when you are Making a Commercial Entertainer especially when Budget Super Duper High!

8 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

Seeing the surrent scenerio I am satisfied. UTV paid critics to bash bb which clear by those critics rating. And i must tell that BB got 20 percent less show then Singham returns. If show count was equal to SR then 1st day would have been 32 crore. And 4 day extended weekend would have been 117 crore. I wrote prod. Figure as i dont trust BOI. Now I Think 5 day collection would be 110 crore.

by Second Unit Director (76.3k points)
selected by
Haider collects 5.5 crs on Saturday - BOI
+1 vote

It is very good infact exellent and it is satisfactory to me.

by Unit Manager (34.2k points)
+1 vote

not satisfied at all !!!! at collected 16.50 on Saturday man , seriously was expecting 20+ on Saturday ....

by Production Accountant (23.1k points)
+1 vote

It has underperformed than what i expected,my prediction was 27cr 1st day 75cr wknd(3 day),first day was near to this bt not wknd.

by All Time best! (268k points)
I am now a fan of global beautiful,sorry handsome king..
+1 vote

Excellent Lol...Why dusshera hasnt affected it in north?....Even if its affected by dasshera then yesterday collection were just 15-16cr...where there was no dasshera effect..Haider wala excuse to chhod hi do.because even if you think that opening was accepted then clash wont affect in lifetime.accept underperformance.acc to me its not even underperfomance as people expected it to business on par with khan movies which Hr cant do.

by Director (133k points)
Krrish 3 collected 198 crores..................Lols.Don't fool yourself.
Karan khan ka pichwara abhi tak jal raha hain. And remember one thing Hurting other fans feelings is just bad work that made them curse you and your star.
+1 vote

It's A Hrithik Roshan Starrer So its Satisfying...Krrish 3 Se Toh Bahut Hi Better Hai Weekend

by Mega Star (200k points)
+1 vote

I'll have to admit that it hasn't performed as well as it should have. There's been a lotof negativity too thanks to superb WOM of haider. But I can surely say if haider had clashed with CE or kick then those would have been impacted too.

by Director (127k points)
0 votes

Considering bang bang very good action movie collecting shouldn't be satisfied. If any of khan would be there storm would on box office....................

by Editor (88.4k points)
Hrithik is perfect for Bang bang.

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