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IMO Hit but it can get Super Hit also ......Blockbuster is now out of reach.......Feeling pity for Hrithik but Movie is average...

answered by Producer (105k points)
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I think bang bang will heading towards super hit status...

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As budget very high possibility of hit 60%, superhit 35%, blockbuster 5%

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if 1st 5 day collection exceeds 110 crore then blockbuster.

answered by Editor (80.3k points)
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I enjoyed movie so for Me it's Blockbuster...
If you are interested in bo numbers then bb will get Superhit Status...
Tomorrow again my Bang bang Day; My 3rd and 4th time..
Excited to see HR in Imax....

answered by Producer (113k points)
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Super Hit.......................................

answered by Star (141k points)
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Blockbuster is out of Reach now
, Cuurently Going Towards Superhit.
If does not Sustains well in Weekdays, shows more Drop than Expected than it will attain Hit Status.

answered by Production Designer (13.6k points)
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Hit/super hit as the budget is high. Film moving towards 150 Cr I guess

answered by Camera Operator (8.9k points)

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