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On the previous occasion (when he was banned for 2 months), he was actually due to be banned permanently, but leniency was shown and the ban period was set to 2 months. Now, despite serving such a ban, it is clear that he still has no intention to stop abusing people, particularly on a personal level [LINK] Consequently, the decision was easy to make: he isn't going to get another chance this time!

REMINDER TO ALL: If you think you can get away with abuse, then you definitely need to think again! 

-Team It'sBoxOffice

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You are biased man @Raja.

This z definitely height of CHUTIYAPA....................
ab respond karne mein phatt rahi hai
apne daddy navo ko toh ek dum se reply karen gy

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Cleaning the gutter. Great!

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Please take action against other such users also. There are many like G.One who abuse others.

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Are bhai permanent ban kahe karta hai.and why do u give the link here when we can't see anything anyway.

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The link is for the benefit of mods/admins. I'll send u a PM.
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G'one is Gone..........
But kiya kya usne other than provoking questions and Funny comments? ??

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I think you are a ghatiya mod meri pehli id @jass tune hi ban ki thi na 6 hours ke liye par tune abhi tak unblock hi nahi kya mujhe tab jaakar maine ye nayi id banayi...

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3 ya 4 and correction jass is on 1st warning only sorry thora mistake ho gaya you are on first warning only so enjoy and sometimes 3 sometimes 4
Tb and anand vaise maine ek gali di thi aur 6 hours ka ban hua tha lekin raja ne mujhe unblock hi nhi kya aur maine 6 din ke baad impk ki id bnai ......to 1 gali ke liye 6 hours ka ban lekin maine to 138 hours ka ban pehle hi kaat liya hai to main ab 23 galiyan de sakta hoon na...lols
Yaar answer nahi diya...
yaar ab iska answer to sirf raja hi de sakta hai lol :-P
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INJUSTICE........!!! Hope any 1 does the justice! This tym I don't support mods action.....completely/pathetically unfair decision!

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