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I know for this question - most of the members will give the answers from recent films only i.e.last 10-15 years....
So i want to list something which was great/epic during the time it released:
Here is my list :
Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi : When Ashok Kumar explaining the picture
Angoor : Any scene where there is identity confusion
Chupke Chupke : Amitaab playing Dharmendra character
Golmaal : Utpal Dat scenes - Khao Beta Khao...agar parather nahin khaaoege to maar kaise khaaoege
Jaane bhi Do Yaaro - Whole Mahabharth episode
And in recent times:
3 idiots --- Chatur speech -- there are very few films only where u were not supposed to be a star but very few scenes in the film itself makes u a highlight of the film..and Chatur's role was one of them....

by Unit Manager (30.1k points)
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Deewana Mastana: The scene where Jonny Lever tries to kill Govinda who survives. I love this film soo much and its one of the funniest movies in Bollywood. Anil Kapoor and Govinda trying to outshine each other over Juhi Chawla who marries Salman Khan in the end

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan:: Govinda and Amitabh Bachchan steal the diamond and later on (as cops) are arrested over the situation.

Gopi Kishan:: Sunil Shetty (As Gopi) wears a funny wig and moustache and meets his twin brother Kishan at the airport.

Andaz Apna Apna: Krishma Kaooor tells Salman Khan that she is Raveena. Later on Salman laughs at Aamir who wasn't aware of it all this as he thought Raveena Tandon was the rich woman.

Judwaa: Salman Khan and Shakti Kapoor try to steal some jewellery and threaten that guy with knife but karma strikes when the guy takes the weapon away and scares them off.

by Casting Director (16.8k points)

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