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I'm dying for this film since last year after seeing the trailer... and I love thrillers, and when it comes from Christopher Nolan, well no words to explain...

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My most awaited after BB. Will be one of the biggest hit of the year for sure. No promotion is needed if you have nolan

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Looking Interesting. Waiting For Nolan Gem.

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same here...
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It looks stunning! You know, I've been waiting for this film for a very long time! Christopher Nolan is a maverick and a true master of his craft. Can't wait to see it in IMAX on the 7th of November! Along with this, David Fincher's Gone Girl, Hirani's PK and VB's Haider are my most awaited films of 2014.

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I just hope i don't ruin my experience like i did during Gravity,when i had faulty 3d glasses but i sat there like a fool and it was during interval when i went out of the Audi,i changed my glasses,and most of the good 3d i heard was in 1st half.

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nope...it wont happen...i will look after it.
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110% satisfied with my 2nd most waited..GOTG!..Hope, this one will surpass that...sooo much expectation......this Film should push the Deep Space Movement...on it's right track...huge purpose waiting to be served!..Can it be "The" worthy successor of 2001: A Space Odyssey?!...it better be!

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Do you think it can be better than films like space odyssey and gravity?
IMO, Gravity is Overrated!...it's not in Space Odyssey league! Interstellar.. should  easily surpass that(Gravity level)!..But, exceeding Space Odyssey ?...very tough!..now a days..film makers are very skeptical when it comes to show strong Philosophical Aspect in Films..& I believe this Film need one..in order to meet the supreme standard..
But, having said that..Prometheus...faced heavy criticism..for the same attempt!...
I think gravity is little overrated i would give it 4.25/5 anyday but many people say it's a 5/5 film which i don't understang.btw what is your favourite sci-fi film of all time? mine is metropolis,stalker and space odyssey all are 5/5 for me.

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