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It was good but I expected it to be better, considering the buzz. Kudos to Hrithik tho, he killed it in the Solo part.

PS: It felt like watching a Lux and Cinthol ad in some parts.

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WOW This is fantabulous.No words to describe Hrithik and Kat dance moves.Although song is not that great,video is amazing.Sure blockbuster!

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This Dhoom again Version 2....Fabulous Dance..
They made it like a music Album...
Solo portion was just Superb and What a Deadly Smoking Hot Chemistry....
Worth waiting....
After HR aish now HR Kat.

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That bright flashlight spoiled the video. I had to make my eyes focus hard to watch them! HR+Kamli is the hottest material available in Bollywood!

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This is Dance. Seen it 15 times. Can't stop watching.

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this is the best best best best song ever

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He is truly god of dance
He is unbelievable
At 40 he shows his abs and dances like dream

Proud to be fan of hrithik

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Good news- dis song is not in d movie...

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tmhari boht fire ho rahi hai na .. itna maarunga na akal tikhane aajaegi
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Both have just killed it..!!..
Hr-Kat will set the screen on fire in theatres like Hr-Aish in Dhoom 2.
Hrithik 's moves are just wow..

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After a long long time Satisfied with Hrithik's Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bang Bnag..wohooo...Bang Bang..wohooo..

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Replace the audio with "Dhoom again" and it will become more amazing! VS must take break now...

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